United Kingdom: Reggae star banned from entering Great Britain

18 October 2007

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the Jamaican artist Siccatune Alcock – more known as reggae performer Jah Cure – is banned from entering the United Kingdom.

Jah Cure’s visit was due to a series of concerts taking place during October 2007. His visit attracted attention when some women’s rights groups and campaigners claimed that his concerts would be an insult to rape victims.

Rape and robbery
Jah Cure was recently released from prison after serving eight years for rape and robbery. The Daily Mail reports that British Home Office officials banned Jah Cure from entering the country because his presence would not “be conductive to the public good”.

Jah Cure had just started his musical career when he was convicted for rape and robbery in 1999. During his time in prison he released three best-selling albums. According to an article in the British newspaper the Guardian, he has always claimed his innocence.

Inspirational figure
The tour organisers were surprised by the decision of the Home Office. A promoter told the Daily Mail that Jah Cure is an inspirational figure for young people: “Irrespective of whether he is innocent or not he has served his sentence (…). He is a part of the peace in the streets campaign.” Another promoter said to the Guardian that Jah Cure has become a conscious person: “And all his lyrics are about peace and love.”

While some women’s rights groups are of the opinion that Jah Cure neither deserves nor the stardom nor the money from his best-selling records – other women’s rights groups hesitate to join the protests.




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‘Reggae star barred from Britain after serving 8 years for rape’

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‘Rape Row as ‘New Marley’ Comes to UK’

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