Turkey: Arrest order for director of childrens’ choir

23 June 2008
Three teenagers, members of Diyarbakir Yenişehir Council Childrens’ Choir, were on trial on 19 June 2008 over performing a march-song in Kurdish at a concert in the United States. The Turkish court acquitted them, but at the same time issued an arrest order for the director of the choir, Duygu Bayar, who is still in USA, reported Antenna Turkey.


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Antenna Turkey

“A new prosecutor in the court in the south-eastern city of Diyarbakir said there was no criminal case for the three teenagers, aged 15 to 17, to answer,” BBC News reported. “The judge agreed, saying the children had not intended to commit a crime.”


USA Today – 19 June 2008:

‘Turks drop charges against childrens’ choir accused of singing Kurdish song in USA’

Spiegel – 19 June 2008:

‘Rebel choirboys? Boys on Trial in Turkey for Singing Kurdish ‘Anthem’ ‘

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Search: ‘Duygu Bayar’



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