Freemuse: Music and resistance during apartheid

28 February 2008

In corporation with the Museum of World Cultures in Gothenburg, Sweden, Freemuse proudly presents a film screening of the documentary “Stopping the Music” in presence of Roger Lucey and Paul Erasmus.


The event “Snuten, sångaren och den förbjudna musiken” (The Cop, the Singer and the Forbidden Music) takes place at Världskulturmuseet on Thursday 6 March 6.30-9.00 p.m. “Stopping the music” is a documentary film about musical censorship during the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Photo by: Anna Schori (c)

The singer Roger Lucey and the former police officer Paul Erasmus are the main characters in the documentary. Marie Korpe from Freemuse is presenting the film and after the screening the audience gets to meet Lucey and Erasmus.

Lucey was a protest singer in South Africa during the 1980’s and Erasmus was a security branch policeman in charge of pursuing and harassing Lucey. In the film, produced in 2002, they meet for the first time face to face in Johannesburg. Their meeting was documented by Michael Drewett and Douglas Mitchell.

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The Museum of World Cultures in Gothenburg, Sweden
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