Ferhat Tunc meets Danish MP’s

1 February 2006

Ferhat Tunc meets Danish MP’s

On 1 February 2006, Ferhat Tunç met leading parliamentarians and high level representatives from Amnesty, Pen and Danish Arts organisations during a hectic two day stay in Copenhagen

The stay culminated with a public meeting held on the premises of the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen. The meeting was covered by Turkish and Danish media.

Ms. Lone Dybkjær, Member of the European Parliament, Ms. Anne Grete Holmsgaard, MP and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, MP, discussed issues of freedom of expression and Turkish – EU relations with Ferhat Tunc



Ferhat spoke at a public meeting in Christiansborg, the Danish parliament building


Ferhat Tunç is constantly harassed by court cases in Turkey. While in Denmark, he discussed violations on freedom of expression in Turkey and the relations between the EU and Turkey in a meeting with three leading Danish parliamentarians. The meeting was hosted by former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mogens Lykketoft, MP.

Ferhat Tunç in another meeting discussed his cases with Lars Normann Jørgensen, Secretary General of Amnesty International Denmark. Amnesty is following the situation in Turkey closely.

At a lunch meeting with fellow composers from Denmark, Ferhat Tunç was invited to collaborate with Danish musicians. The meeting hosted by DJBFA – an association of professional songwriters and composers – concluded that DJBFA will pay attention to the violations on freedom of expression in Turkey through international bodies that DJBFA work with.

Ferhat Tunç was invited to Denmark by Danish Pen and Freemuse. Last year Freemuse launched an international campaign in support for Ferhat Tunç. Freemuse also presented Ferhat Tunç two years back at the International World Music Expo, Womex.

Pia Raug and Arne Würgler from DJBFA invited Ferhat Tunc to collaborate with Danish musicians 

Amnesty International follows the situation in Turkey. Ferhat with Secr. General, Mr. Lars Normann Jørgensen, Amnesty International, Denmark


Visiting Freemuse Ferhat Tunç once again expressed his gratitude to his international colleagues for their support. A hectic stay in Denmark was concluded with an interview at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) in the late evening news programme ‘Deadline’. Tunç told Danish tv viewers about his songs that have been banned by authorities in Turkey, and about the repression of Kurdish culture.

Join the campaign
Join the international Freemuse campaign in support for Ferhat Tunc



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