Cyberspace: Freemuse blacklisted in free encyclopedia

8 January 2008
An article about Freemuse in stands to be deleted, according to the administrators of the socalled ‘free’ encyclopedia.

Music censorship is mentioned in numerous articles in Wikipedia – “the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit” – and often with a reference directly to So you would think that it would make sense to explain to Wikipedia’s readers what Freemuse actually is.

For instance, a reader who calls him/herself ‘Lx121’ had no idea what Freemuse was. So when Lx121 found a link to a deleted article on Freemuse in December 2007, and learned that it had been deleted because of an apparent copyright problem, Lx121 googled for it, found some information about the organisation, and wrote a small article covering the basics. However, the article was subsequently speed-deleted.

Then someone else came back and wrote an article all over again, now for the third time, and yet again this article is up for deletion. (Until it is deleted, you can find it here:

Freemuse ‘non-notable’
The administrators stated that an organisation such as Freemuse does not have ‘notability’, and that the article about Freemuse ‘does not show enough support from non-trivial coverage of independent and reliable sources’.

Wikipedia administrator Andrew Lenahan added that the article should be deleted on the grounds that it has a ‘COI problem’ – a conflict of interests problem. Andrew Lenahan is the author of wikipedia-articles about (apparently notable) companies such as ‘Zoe Motors’ which is mentioned 283 times on the internet – as compared to the word “Freemuse” which appears 30,200 times, according to the search engine

If you wish to join the debate about whether to delete or keep the article, go to



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Update on 11 January 2008:

The article about Freemuse was deleted – again – on 10 January 2008 by editor Cúchullain who gave this explaination to why it was erased, even after it had been edited in an attempt to prove Freemuse’s ‘notability’:

“I don’t believe the changes clearly demonstrate the subject’s notability with reliable sources (most of the sources were to the site itself, and the two in the notability section were minor mentions. You also failed to convince any other editors even after your changes.
If, in the future, you are able to find enough external reliable sources to demonstrate notability, the article can be recreated. Barring that you can file at Wikipedia:Deletion review.–Cúchullain t/c 21:26, 10 January 2008 (UTC).”



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