Canada: Public radio explores music censorship issues

22 February 2007
In a series of provocative documentaries, news features and interviews, the public service radio in Canada explores some of the issues around music and censorship this week. With the title ‘Censor This!’ CBC Radio One and CBC Radio Two unite stories from all over the world into one special week of programming

The ‘Censor This!’ team includes CBC News Foreign Correspondents, reporters and music producers from across the CBC Network.

Tonight, on 22 February 2007, at 8 pm, a one-hour special documentary will take the listener on a sonic tour around the world from the street bazaars of Istanbul to the townships of South Africa, from the conflict zones of Beirut and Rwanda to the North American popular music of the 20th century. Using the strength of the music and powerful narratives the documentary exploes the duality which allows music to be at once frightening and seductive to those in power positions. This one-hour programme will be rebroadcast on CBC Radio Two on 3 March to mark the international day of musical freedom of expression, ‘Music Freedom Day’.

Use the link to CBC’s web site below, and note that in the column on the right side of the page there are a number of audio clips, such as:

World at Six: Balinese Singers(Duration: 2:14)

Global Village: Iranian Sisters(Duration: 1:29)  



CBC Radio – 18-24 February 2007:

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