Belarus election: Protest against music censorship

13 March 2006
The presidential election in Belarus is met with protests against the Belarusian hardliner censorship policy 

Not only are national media totally controlled by the Belarusian government, musicians and other artists are heavily censored in Belarus.
The signers of a proclamation demand the immediate abolition of all boycotts and repression measures against musicians in the Republic of Belarus and the adherence to the human rights especially the right of freedom of opinion. Likewise the signers demand the adherence to the right of liberty of the art, and the right to share the cultural life in the Republic of Belarus.

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Drums Ecstasy – one of Belarus’ controversial bands censored by the government.
Click on photo to see a timeline of music censorship in Belarus. 

Source: – March 2006:
‘S.O.S. Bella Bela’

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