Angola: When the people’s silence speaks

1 March 2004
Here is a rare, detailed description of the present situation for a number of underground hip-hop artists in Angola, written by the Angolan journalist Rafael Marques. The article features an interview with the 22-year-old rapper MCK.

“Music has no place in the grand scheme of politics in Angola. Especially not rap…” writes Rafael Marques:

“The minibus taxi drivers who provide transport for the masses are willingly helping to arouse consciences, to politicise the masses. This controversial music, banned by the authorities, plays on the stereos in these overcrowded vehicles; music whose value lies in the content of its lyrics as well as in its beat.

‘The government plays a different guitar’ by [rapper] Brigadeiro 10 Pacotes is the most controversial and also the most commonly heard song on this distribution circuit. It is a direct challenge to the Big Chief.”


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Pambazuka News – 26 February 2004:
‘When the people’s silence speaks’


Rafael Marques runs the website Maka Angola – dedicated to the struggle against corruption in Angola.




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