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18 March 2012


FREEMUSE – THE WORLD FORUM ON MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP is an independent international membership organisation advocating and defending freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide.UN SPECIAL CONSULTATIVE STATUS
Freemuse has Special Consultative Status with the United Nation‘s Economic and Social Council, ECOSOC, since 2012.FREEMUSE CHARTER
Freemuse is governed by its charter and has a membership elected international, interdisciplinary Executive Committee.

Freemuse was born of the 1st World Conference on Music and Censorship held in Copenhagen in November 1998. The conference joined together professionals from diverse fields and countries – musicians, journalists, researchers, record industry professionals and human rights activists – to examine, discuss and document a wide variety of abuses from the apparently benign to the overtly extreme.

The alarmingly widespread nature of censorship of music prompted the conference attendees to initiate the creation of a new organisation, Freemuse. Its guidelines are the principles outlined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as they apply specifically to musicians and composers. The Freemuse Secretariat was established in August 2000.

Since 2011 FREEMUSE has broadened its scope to include projects advocating freedom of all artistic expressions and initiated the global network artsfex for the protection of artistic freedom. During 2013-2014 Freemuse will be involved in several projects analysing and defending artistic freedom of expression.

You can join FREEMUSE as a member and support our activities.

Freemuse receives funding from Sida, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fritt Ord and CKU.

Over the years Freemuse has received funding from amongst others: The Sigrid Rausing Trust, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), Roskilde Festival Charity Society, Swedish Postcode Lottery Culture Foundation, SafeMuse, Björn Afzelius International Culture Foundation (BAIK), Swedish Special Initiative for Democratisation and Freedom of Expression and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Jemtelandsgade 1
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 3332 1027

Freemuse is registered in Denmark as a non-profit organisation, with CVR-number / VAT-number DK28161921.


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