Freemuse Award 2009

26 February 2009

The American singer, songwriter, activist, environmentalist, and peace advocate Pete Seeger is The Freemuse Award Winner 2009. He is awarded on Music Freedom Day, 3 March 2009, for his commitment to musicians’ freedom of expression in an illustrious career which spans over sixty years.

“Pete Seeger’s voice has been one which has constantly been on the side of the oppressed and which has refused to remain silent in even the darkest hours. He remains an inspiration to those musicians who seek to use their work for the greater benefit of mankind,’ wrote the nominating committee.

Although Pete Seeger does not believe in awards, he accepted the Freemuse Award. In a statement Pete Seeger quotes an old Arab proverb:

‘When the king puts a poet on his payroll, he cuts off the tongue of the poet!’

Pete Seeger adds: “But throughout history, songwriters have found ways to get around this problem by putting together songs that people like to sing and teach to their friends.”

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Blacklisted in 1955
Pete Seeger faced censorship for decades in his music career for promoting peace, justice, and equality in his music. In 1955 Seeger was blacklisted from work when he was subpoenaed to testify before the US House of Un-American Activities Committee, and he refused to testify citing his guarantee to freedom of expression.

Boycotted by commercial venues and media, Pete Seeger continued performing for young people at universities and rallies and created a boom of folk music. His songs played an essential role in the civil rights movement. It was his variation of an old spiritual, which Seeger called ‘We Shall Overcome’, that has become an anthem of the crusade for equality in America.

Tv performance cut by censors
The Vietnam War deeply and personally offended Pete Seeger, who used his network television return on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour to air a scathing attack on Lyndon Johnson’s war policies, “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy.” The song was cut by network censors, but Seeger made a second appearance on the programme and sang the song without interruption. When folk-rock band The Byrds recorded his legendary song ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’, Pete Seeger’s music reached millions of young people all over the world.

Seeger has never stopped. He recently joined his grandson Tao Rodriquez-Seeger and old friend Bruce Springsteen at the American president Obama’s inauguration, performing for hundred of thousands.

In 2006, Bruce Springsteen recorded `We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions´, reinterpreting 13 songs from Seeger’s songbook.

Grandson Tao attends award ceremony
The Award Ceremony will take place at Stockholm’s Concert Hall, marking the Music Freedom Day on 3 March.

Pete Seeger does not like to travel far these days, so he has requested grandson Tao Rodriquez-Seeger, an established artist on his own, to travel to Stockholm and receive the Freemuse Award on his behalf.

World-renowned Swedish glass designer Göran Wärff has created the Freemuse Award statuette. The Award is sponsored by BAIK — the Björn Afzelius International Culture Foundation, which was initiated in memory of Swedish rock singer Björn Afzelius who died 1999. Afzelius was a political activist and a strong spokesman for suppressed people.

To inspire
“At Freemuse we deal daily with the horrors of music censorship. We document how artists are being harassed, jailed and even killed. Pete Seeger continues to inspire artists and human rights activists all over the world,” says Marie Korpe, Freemuse’s executive director.

Last year, the exiled Ivorian reggae artist Tiken Jah Fakoly received the Freemuse Award. Tiken Jah Fakoly has been forced into exile being a strong critic of political corruption in his home country.

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Björn Afzelius

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About Pete Seeger:

Febuary 1952, USA:
Seeger & the Weavers banned

The Weavers had major hits in the early 1950s. The song ‘Wimoweh’ was recorded in 1951 by Pete Seeger and his band The Weavers, in a version faithful to the Zulu original. But this was the era of McCarthy witch hunts in America, and Pete Seeger’s politics made him an inevitable quarry of the commie-chasing House Un-American Affairs Committee.

Just as ‘Wimoweh’ made its chart debut, a former trade union colleague of Seeger’s named Harvey Matusow denounced the musician to the committee. In “one of the looniest tales of the entire McCarthy era”, Harvey Matusow testified that communists were “preying on the sexual weakness of American youth”. And he was willing to give names – one of which was Pete Seeger. The public reaction was immediate. The press went wild, Weavers’ shows and television appearances were cancelled, radio stations banned their records and ‘Wimoweh’ tumbled off the charts. This was in February 1952.

On August 18, 1955, Pete was subpoenaed to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) where he refused to name personal and political associations stating it would violate his First Amendment rights.

“I am not going to answer any questions as to my association, my philosophical or religious beliefs or my political beliefs, or how I voted in any election, or any of these private affairs. I think these are very improper questions for any American to be asked, especially under such compulsion as this,” he said.

Pete Seeger’s refusal to testify led to a March 26, 1957 indictment for contempt of Congress; for some years, he had to keep the federal government apprised of where he was going any time he left the Southern District of New York. He was convicted in a jury trial in March 1961, and sentenced to a year in jail, but in May 1962 an appeals court ruled the indictment to be flawed and overturned his conviction.

Pete Seeger did not appear on television for 17 years, until the Smothers Brothers broke the boycott.

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Pete Seeger in 1955

Video clips

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Media coverage of Music Freedom Day 2009

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‘Idag firas Music freedom day. Går det att förändra världen med musik eller är det bara en floskel? Vi bjuder in Marie Korpe chef för Freemuse som är övertygad om att musik kan försätta, om inte berg så i alla fall korrupta regimer. Vad tror du? Och har du frågor som du tycker att vi ska ställa till Maria Krope? Skriv i kommentorsfältet…’

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Freemuse Award 2009
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26 February 2009
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