• Norway: ‘Safe city’ Harstad receives Sudanese musician Abazar Hamid

    Abazar Hamid, the Sudanese peace singer who was forced into exile in 2008, is today announced as “safe city musician” in the Norwegian city Harstad. It has been a long waiting for Hamid and Harstad. Almost two years ago the Norwegian city declared itself “the world’s first safe city for musicians”, but Norwegian immigration policy […]
  • Egypt: Dialogue stopped by restrictions, censorship and arrests

    “Democracy is about dialogue. It is not about shutting down ideas or artistic expressions which may be in opposition to the majority or the ruling system. Due to restrictions and censorship, this dialogue is not possible in Egypt now,” writes Egyptian singer and activist Ramy Essam in this opinion-piece which was first published by Al […]
  • Freemuse Award Winner 2014: City of Harstad in Norway

    The Freemuse Award 2014 is given to The City of Harstad, Norway, which last year declared itself as the world’s first ‘Safe city for musicians’. Harstad is a city of 23,000 citizens, situated 300 kilometres north of the polar circle. Marianne Bremnes, Mayor of Harstad, says: “The city of Harstad is grateful and thankful for […]
  • Egyptian singer Ramy Essam: “Why I move to Sweden for two years”

    Since Freemuse announced that the Egyptian singer and musician Ramy Essam has been offered a two year residence in the Swedish city Malmö, rumours and tweets in Egypt have speculated whether he is seeking asylum. This is not the case, explained Ramy Essam, who issued the following statement on 23 October 2014: “Malmö, Wednesday, 22 […]
  • Swedish city offers Egyptian musician safe city residence

    The 27-year-old Egyptian singer and Freemuse Award winner Ramy Essam will be residing in Malmö, Sweden, for the next two years. This is a direct consequence of the interogation in June 2014 by the National Security Police and the continuous censorship of his music in Egypt. Ramy Essam was hailed as the “singer of the […]
  • Swedish city offers Gaza rapper safe city residency

    Video interview with rapper Khaled Harara from Palestine who the Swedish city of Gothenburg has announced will be offered a ‘safe city’ residency for two years. In April 2013, the 26-year-old rapper Khaled Harara came to the Freemuse secretariat in Copenhagen. Having toured Denmark, he was afraid of returning to his home in Gaza. Khaled […]
  • Norway: First ever ‘safe haven city’ for musicians

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Norway: First ever safe haven city for musicians On Thursday 14 February 2013, the Norwegian Musicians’ Union presented their new project SafeMUSE – and the first ever ‘safe haven city’ within the field of music: Harstad. Imagine that the police would come to the door of the artist and musicians after the concert […]
  • Denmark: Writer’s safe cities should also be for musicians

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark:Writer’s safe cities should also be for musicians The proposal by Freemuse to include musicians in the Safe Cities programme finds backing in the Danish parliament. The opposition wants this corrected by a revision of the law, but the government does not agree. The two opposition parties, the Socialdemocrats and SF, believe that […]
  • Sweden: Safe cities for musicians

    NEWS 17 November 2010 Sweden:Safe cities for musicians All over Europe city councils are hosting persecuted writers. Why not persecuted musicians? Chairperson of the Swedish Arts Council, Kerstin Brunnberg, raised the question on 15 November 2010. Kerstin Brunnberg said to the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation: “I am going to promote the idea of including musicians in […]
  • Press release: Nordic safe havens for persecuted musicians

    PRESS RELEASE Nordic safe havens for persecuted musicians A call for safe cities from SKAP. “Make Sweden a safe haven for persecuted musicians and composers,” says SKAP, Freemuse and the Swedish Arts Council, in a proposition addressed to the Swedish government and national politicians, urging them to allow the Swedish cities to receive threatened composers […]
  • Freemuse campaign: ‘Safe cities’ should include all artists

    CAMPAIGN 10 January 2008 Freemuse:Danish ‘safe cities’ should include all artists Freemuse initiates a campaign for inclusion of musicians and other artists in the ‘safe cities’ system The Danish government has proposed to introduce ‘safe cities’ for persecuted writers. The Danish system would be linked to ICORN, the International Cities of Refuge Network, which offers […]

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