• Freemuse calls for UNESCO reforms and a UN plan for safety of artists

    Freemuse co-founder Ole Reitov, in his keynote speech on 2 May 2017 at the World Press Freedom Day event in Jakarta called on UNESCO, the UN and parties to strengthen their mechanisms and commitment to protecting artists and ensuring the safe promotion of art, as guaranteed by the 2005 UNESCO Convention. Attacks on artists continue […]
  • Artistic freedom in focus at World Press Freedom Day

    Freemuse co-founder Ole Reitov is a keynote speaker at the forthcoming World Press Freedom Day event in Jakarta being held from 1-4 May 2017. Invited by UNESCO, the outgoing Freemuse Executive Director will talk about the importance of artistic freedom and address some of the main problems and threats faced by artists, cultural operators and […]
  • Freemuse addresses women’s issues at UNESCO

    Women artists are at particular risk in many countries and are discriminated from performing in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. This was highlighted during an international seminar at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on Women’s International Day, 8 March 2017. Freemuse Executive Director, Ole Reitov shared a panel with Deeyah Khan, filmmaker, producer and […]
  • Freemuse delivers recommendations at UN Human Rights Council session

    Support artists victimized by terror and develop early cultural warning system Freemuse on Monday 6 March 2017 delivered an oral statement at the 34th session of the Human Rights Council on the negative effects of terror on art and cultural industries. Two of the main messages to the Human rights council were that: The international […]
  • Candidates to the UN Human Rights Council are grave violators of artistic expression

    Copenhagen 27 October 2016 | Freemuse is deeply concerned about the candidacies of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and Cuba, for seats in the UN Human Rights Council. These countries are leading the league of countries violating freedom of artistic expression and cannot be considered qualified to protect human rights in the Human Rights Council. “The […]
  • Cameroon: Lapiro de Mbanga’s legal team files petition to United Nations

    CAMPAIGN NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Cameroon / USA:Lapiro de Mbanga’s legal team files petition to United Nations On 16 June 2010, the international legal team for Lapiro de Mbanga filed an urgent action petition with the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on behalf of the Cameroonian singer-songwriter and democracy activist. The legal team hopes to obtain […]
  • Cameroon: United Nations secretary-general urged to speak up for Lapiro

    CAMPAIGN NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Cameroon / USA:United Nations secretary-general urged to speak up for Lapiro de Mbanga The secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, visits Cameroon on 10 June 2010. By sending a letter to him, the American legal advocacy organisation Freedom Now makes use of this opportunity to make a pressure to Cameroon’s president […]
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