• South Africa: Art destroyed and censored at University of Cape Town

    The following blog was written by Gabriel Clark-Brown, publisher and editor of the South African Art Times, owner of the South African Print Gallery in Cape Town, and graduate of the University of Cape Town with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art. The views expressed and research presented in this blog are those of the writer and […]
  • Listen to forbidden female voices

    » To listen, go to play.spotify.com   MUSIC FREEDOM DAY 2017 SPOTIFY PLAYLIST – IN CELEBRATION AND PROTECTION OF WOMEN’S VOICES Did you know that… Women are banned from singing in public in some countries? Women cannot attend a concert in some places? The music industry is still unequal? This is why Freemuse is focusing […]
  • South Africa: Call for ban of song allegedly romanticising violence

    South Africans discuss whether the song ‘Larney Jou Poes’ by Cape Town band Dookoom is political hip-hop or hate speech: When does an artistic expression of anger become incitement to violence or “romanticising” of imminent violence? ‘Larney Jou Poes’ was published on youtube.com on 15 October 2014. It was viewed more than 50,000 times during […]
  • Norway: Seminar about the role of music as instrument for social change

    At a seminar in Oslo, Norway, on 29 October 2014, the South African musician Hugh Masekela will discuss the importance of music in the democratisation process in South Africa in a conversation with Freemuse Director Ole Reitov. Hugh Masekela has for years explored the role of music as an instrument for social change. The seminar […]
  • South Africa: ‘The Censored meet their Censor’

    SPEECHES ##PagePublishedLong## 1st FREEMUSE WORLD CONFERENCE ON MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP Copenhagen, 20-22 November 1998The text below is an excerpt from the conference report This page in printer-friendly PDF format South Africa:The Censored meet their Censor – Music and Censorship during Apartheid in South Africa Mr. Sipho Mabuse and Mr. Ray Phiri, musicians from South Africa, in […]
  • South Africa: Film documentary ‘Stopping the Music’

  • South Africa in 1989: CD album banned for offending Christians

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## South Arica:CD album banned for offending Christians Because of its title, the album ‘Bigger than Jesus’ by Kalahari Surfers was banned in 1989 for blasphemy and for the offending of Christians. The music was later re-released with a new album title, ‘Beach Bomb’. By Michael Drewett The Kalahari Surfers were a South African […]
  • South Africa: Anti-apartheid song declared ‘hate speech’

    NEWS 13 September 2011 South Africa: Anti-apartheid song declared ‘hate speech’ by high court On 12 September 2011, South Africa’s high court banned the ruling ANC party from singing the old anti-apartheid song ‘Shoot the Boer’, and the controversial leader of ANC Youth League, Julius Malema, who has made the song his signature tune, was […]
  • Press release: Freemuse film – ‘Stopping the music’

  • Zimbabwe: South African group banned because of music video

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe: South African group banned because of music video The South African band Freshlyground has been banned from performing in Zimbabwe after releasing the music video ‘Chicken to Change’ which mocks the country’s President Robert Mugabe. The group was scheduled for a concert in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, but the immigration authorities revoked […]
  • South Africa: Controversy over whether ‘hate song’ should be banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## South Africa: Controversy over whether ‘hate song’ should be banned The Irish singer Bono’s alleged defense of a controversial song, ‘Shoot the Boer’, has triggered heated debate and widespread outrage in South Africa. The country’s Supreme Court is currently considering whether the song should be banned for violating the white farmers’ rights. The […]
  • Commentary from South Africa: Music Freedom from self-censorship Day

    MUSIC FREEDOM DAY ##PagePublishedLong## Commentary from South Africa: Music Freedom from self-censorship Day “Buying artists to advance some political party’s cause may not be censorship, but more often than not, it will lead to self-censorship, which equally places us on the slippery slope,”writes Mike van Graan, Secretary General of Arterial Network, in his Music Freedom […]
  • South Africa: Old anti-apartheid song banned on hate speech charges

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## South Africa: Old anti-apartheid song banned on hate speech charges On 26 March 2010, a South African court prohibited the singing of a controversial anti-apartheid song, ‘Ayesab’amagwala’ (‘The cowards are afraid’). A part of the lyrics translates as ‘kill the boer’, or ‘shoot the boer’, urging to the shooting of white farmers, and […]
  • Human Rights for Musicians – Impressions & Descriptions: Roger Lucey

    PUBLICATIONS TEN YEARS WITH FREEMUSE IMPRESSIONS & DESCRIPTIONS Roger Lucey Musician and composer, South Africa The singer’s voice has always been the strongest. Not through bombast or verbosity like the politician. Or through brute strength or bullying like the law enforcer. The singer’s voice goes straight to the heart of the listener and it is […]
  • Radio Freemuse: ‘Music censorship in Africa 2008’

    RADIO FREEMUSE 27 February 2008 Music censorship in Africa today This 15 minutes radio report is produced specifically for African radio stations that wish to inform their listeners about music censorship – for instance on the occasion of the global Music Freedom Day on 3 March Introduction to the programme (suggestion)“If you listen carefully the next […]
  • South Africa: Rap song banned for incitement to violence

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## South Africa: Rap song banned for incitement to violence The song ‘Get Out’ by Zimbabwean-born hip-hop artist Zubz has been banned on the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC. This followed a complaint to the Broadcasting Compliants Tribunal of South Africa by a right wing party called Freedom Front Plus stating that the song […]
  • Journalist workshop in South Africa about music censorship

    ACTIVITY ##PagePublishedLong## Journalist workshop on music censorship A workshop organised by Freemuse in March 2007 aims at upgrading the knowledge of African journalists who already work in the field of human rights to also include music censorship issues Freemuse is in the process of developing a network of ‘stringers’ who can provide insight information and articles […]
  • Roger Lucey

      ROGER LUCEY (South Africa) ##PagePublishedLong##   Musician and journalist Roger Lucey’s music was banned during apartheid in South Africa. In this interview he speaks about his personal experiences with music censorship: it’s impact on the artist, about the long term effects of censorship in a society such as South Africa, and how to deal […]
  • 1960s

    AFRICA     ##PagePublishedLong## 1960 – 1969 1960s. South Africa. Miriam MakebaIn 1963, after an impassioned testimony before the United Nations Committee Against Apartheid, all Makeba’s records were banned in South Africa. Miriam Zenzile Makeba began her professional career in 1950, when she joined the Johannesburg group the Cuban Brothers. She came to national prominence during the mid-1950’s as […]
  • Namibia: Radio stations ban Afrikaaner song

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Namibia:Radio stations ban Afrikaaner song Two Namibian Afrikaans-language commercial radio stations have banned the South African musician Bok van Blerk’s song ‘De la Rey’ because of the political controversy surrounding the song, reports Informanté The song ‘De la Rey’ urges to re-inforce the language, culture and pride of the Afrikaaners – the descendants […]
  • South Africa: Public radio bans Zulu hit song

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## South Africa:Public radio station bans Zulu hit song The title track from the South African album ‘Msholozi’ by Izingane Zoma has been banned by the South African Broadcasting Corporation on the grounds that it is regarded to be “too political” A trio of traditional Zulu singers has hit the big time and ignited controversy with […]
  • Censorship in apartheid South Africa: Documentary and school material

    ACTIVITIES Censorship in apartheid South Africa: Documentary and school material Freemuse, in conjunction with Cutting Grooves and the Rhodes University Department of Sociology is organizing a music and human rights project with school children in Grahamstown, South Africa The project revolves around a film documentary and two publications, all of which are Freemuse initiatives. The film […]
  • Sipho Mabuse

    SIPHO MABUSEMusician (South Africa)
  • South Africa: Freemuse workgroup established in South Africa

    ACTIVITY ##PagePublishedLong## WORKING GROUP ESTABLISHED IN SOUTH AFRICAReport by Ole Reitov, journalist, member of the Freemuse Board When Apartheid was abolished in South Africa years of attention on the role of South African music as a political weapon gradually vanished in international media. Exiled musicians came back, some with glamour , others half forgotten . […]
  • Johnny Clegg

    JOHNNY CLEGGMusician (South Africa)
  • Cultural Boycott – of any use? Freemuse Conference

  • Pops Mohamed

    POPS MOHAMED(South Africa)
  • Shoot the Singer! Photos for download

    PHOTO GALLERY • ‘SHOOT THE SINGER!’ 21 April 2004 To download Thomas Mapfumo photos, please seehttp://www.anonymousweb.com/promo/promo.html Photos for download The Kurdish group Koma Asmin were taken to a police station after a successful concert and interrogated by the anti-terror department.(Photo courtesy of the Mesopotamian Cultural Centre) During their rule in Afghanistan, the Taliban arranged bonfires […]
  • Hugh Masekela

    HUGH MASEKELAMusician (South Africa)
  • Anton Goosen

    ANTON GOOSENSinger and musician (South Africa)
  • USA: Censored musicians spoke at Duke University

    NEWS USA:Censored musicians spoke and performed at Duke University In its human rights series, Duke University in North Carolina, USA, presented two censored musicians, Ferhat Tunç from Turkey and Roger Lucey from South Africa, and highlighted freedom of musical expression.        Roger Lucey Music censorship and music activism was in focus at Duke University in USA […]
  • Freemuse: Music and resistance during apartheid

    EVENT 28 February 2008 Freemuse/Museum of World Cultures:Music and resistance during apartheid In corporation with the Museum of World Cultures in Gothenburg, Sweden, Freemuse proudly presents a film screening of the documentary “Stopping the Music” in presence of Roger Lucey and Paul Erasmus. The event “Snuten, sångaren och den förbjudna musiken” (The Cop, the Singer […]
  • 3rd Freemuse World Conference – report

    FREEMUSE REPORT 20 August 2007 Marie Korpe (ed.)MUSIC WILL NOT BE SILENCED – 3rd Freemuse World Conference on Music & Censorship, Istanbul 25-26. November 2006Report no. 8Freemuse, Copenhagen, 2007ISSN: 1601-2127.   75 pages. Read the reportThe printed version of the report is unfortunately out of stock. MUSIC WILL NOT BE SILENCED INTRODUCTIONBy Ole Reitov Listening to many […]
  • 3rd Freemuse World Conference on Music and Censorship

    | Media coverage | Speakers | Programme | Photos | Video interviews |   3rd FREEMUSE WORLD CONFERENCE ON MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP     25-26 November 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey Professional musicians, scholars, and composers from 22 countries met at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference. Over two intensive days, they documented how music censorship is being […]
  • Speakers of the 3rd Freemuse World Conference

    | Start page | Media coverage | Programme | Photos | Video interviews |  3rd FREEMUSE WORLD CONFERENCEON MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP SPEAKERS AND MODERATORS Andy Fuller (Australia)Andy Fuller was born in 1977 in Melbourne, Australia. He completed his Master of Arts in 2004 at University of Melbourne. His thesis studied the politically subversive literature of […]
  • Programme of the 3rd Freemuse World Conference

    | Start page | Media coverage | Speakers | Photos | Video interviews |   3rd Freemuse World Conference on Music and Censorship   CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Latest update on 16 November 2006  SATURDAY 25 NOV   10:00 – 10:30 — OPENING CEREMONY —   MUSICAL WELCOME Mahsa Vahdat & Marjan Vahdat, Singers, Iran   WELCOME […]
  • Shoot the Singer! Book

    SHOOT THE SINGER! MUSIC CENSORSHIP TODAY 25 May 2004 Edited by Marie Korpe (Executive Director, Freemuse), published by Zed Books, London.Publication date: 18 May 2004. CD included. Shoot the Singer! Music Censorship Today was presented on 18 May 2004 at a combined book launch and one-day seminar on music censorship at SOAS (School of Oriental […]
  • Shoot the Singer! – table of contents

    SHOOT THE SINGER ! TABLE OF CONTENTS Shoot the Singer! Music Censorship Today table of contents one | Introduction1 What is music censorship? Towards a better understanding of the termMartin Cloonan 2 Music as a parallel power structureAlenka Barber-Kersovan 3 Music as a useless activity: conservative interpretations of music in IslamJonas Otterbeck two | Asia4 […]
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