• Mali: Rapper receives death threats for political song and campaign

    Rapper and activist Master Soumy (real name: Ismaïla Doucouré) received death threats from anonymous phone calls and cyber-attacks after launching a song and campaign to mobilise people against planned constitutional amendments that would increase the powers of the presidency, reported MaliActu.net on 11 June 2017. In his song ‘An Tè A Bana’ (‘Don’t Touch My […]
  • Mali: Music festival cancelled due to attacks

    Northern Mali’s Festival au Désert was set to return to Timbuktu on 28 January 2017 after having been in exile since 2012, but Malian officials decided to block it after suicide bombers attacked a military camp in Gao on 18 January 2017, killing 77 people and injuring more than 100 others, reported The Guardian on […]
  • Mali: Three years after the music ban

    When the religious music ban in the northern part of Mali was lifted in 2013, Andy Morgan wrote the book ‘Music, Conflict and Culture in Mali’. Here is his account of what has happened in the country since then. By Andy Morgan One of the accusations often levelled at the West is that distance has […]
  • United Kingdom: Film on Mali music ban leads to new fund

    Freedom of expression campaigners Index on Censorship and the producers of the documentary film ‘They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian Music In Exile’ have launched a Music In Exile Fund along with a song playlist and a series of articles about music and censorship. The aim of the Music In Exile Fund is […]
  • USA: MTV series documents power of music and art to ignite change

    Launched on 18 November 2013, the weekly series ‘Rebel Music’ on MTV’s collage-channel in the United States, mtvU, documents youth uprising and the power of music and art to ignite change in conflict areas around the world. “Revolution has a sound. Meet a new generation of fearless youth igniting change around the world.” Each of […]
  • Freemuse Award presented to Festival au Désert

    Manny Ansar, festival director and co-founder of Mali’s world famous ‘Festival au Désert’, received the Freemuse Award on 3 June 2013 at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The award ceremony took place in connection with a UN session on the right to freedom of artistic expression and creativity featuring artists and human rights […]
  • Freemuse speaks at Human Rights Council

    On 3 June 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland, Freemuse made its first oral statement in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. Commenting on the newly launched UN report on artistic freedom and creativity, Freemuse Programme Manager Ole Reitov said: “The problems faced by artists are well described. Your analysis of the negative effects on […]
  • Book: ‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’

    Freemuse are pleased to announce the publication of our first book, ‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’, which is launched in a digital and on-demand paperback edition. “One of the few positives to come out of the occupation of the northern two-thirds of Mali by armed jihadist groups in 2012 was the informed analysis of […]
  • Freemuse report: Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali

    FREEMUSE REPORT ##PagePublishedLong## ANDY MORGAN:‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’In relationship to Music Freedom Day 2013, Freemuse publishes a very extensive documentation of how music has been affected in Mali. The 64-pages report, ‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’, is written by Andy Morgan — one of UK’s most respected writers specialised in West Africa […]
  • Mali: Rose Skelton reports from Bamako: Can musical Mali play on?

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mali: Rose Skelton reports from Bamako: Can musical Mali play on? Islamism is on the march and threatening to wipe out the country’s cultural heritage, wrote freelance journalist Rose Skelton in the British newspaper The Independent on 18 August 2012. Malian artists have exported their music with more success than perhaps any other […]
  • Mali: The day the music stopped

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Mali: The day the music stopped “We do not want Satan’s music,” said an Islamist spokesman as he banned the broadcasting of all western music from his stronghold in Gao, a city that finds itself within the most literal and brutal Sharia jurisdiction in the world today; the ‘red zone’ in northern Mali. […]
  • Mali: The day the music stopped

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Video recordings from ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:The day the music stopped In the session ‘THE DAY THE MUSIC STOPPED: MALI’, journalist and Freemuse Vice Chair Daniel Brown talks to Manny Ansar who is Festival Director of the Desert Festival in Mali. Manny Ansar gives an insight into the difficulties faced by musicians in the […]
  • Mali: Music festival exiled to Burkina Faso

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mali:Music festival exiled to Burkina Faso Radio report from a music catastrophe area: The al-Qaida-linked militants in northern Mali have banned music of any kind, even cellphone ringtones, and have also put an end to the ‘Festival in the Desert’, which had been held for the past decade near Timbuktu. The festival will […]
  • Mali: Islamists have banned music in northern region

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mali: Islamists have banned music in northern region In Kidal, heartland of the Islamist Ansar Dine group, music has been replaced by prayer readings on the local radio. The group wants to impose strict sharia law across Mali. In three short days in the beginning of April 2012, a mix of rebel forces […]
  • Mali: Music banned from the radio in Timbuktu

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mali: Music banned from the radio in Timbuktu Rebels captured the town of 50,000 citizens in northern Mali in April, and since the takeover in April, the Islamists of Ansar Dine, supported by Al Qaeda, have gained the upper hand over the Tuaregs. They are now aggressively promoting their hard-edged brand of Islamic […]
  • Mali: Religious song self-censored from computer game

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mali:Religious song self-censored from computer game The launch of a new Sony Playstation 3 video-computer game ‘LittleBigPlanet’ has been delayed because it contained sung verses from the Qur’an and Sony feared this could cause anger among religious Islamic groups. ‘LittleBigPlanet’ was supposed to be one of the biggest game releases of the season […]
  • Ali Farka Tour

    ALI FARKA TOURÉ(Mali) ##PagePublishedLong## Desert blues icon Ali Farka Touré from the village Niafunké in Mali – interviewed at Roskilde Festival in July 2005. He states:“I just have my voice to defend myself. To make criticism. To defend my people and my dignity. And to defend the possibility to express myself through music.” Watch interview […]
  • Salif Keita

    SALIF KEITASinger (Mali)
  • Freemuse Award 2013: ‘Festival in the Desert’ in Mali

    Freemuse Award winner 2013: ‘Festival in the Desert’ in Mali “The Freemuse Award 2013 is given to ‘Festival au Désert’, which in spite of extreme Islamists’ attempts to silence all music in Mali, defends freedom of musical expression and struggles to continue keeping music alive in the region”, says Marie Korpe, Executive Director, Freemuse. From […]
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