• Jordan: Lebanese rock band’s concert cancelled for second consecutive year

    In a 13 June 2017 statement, Lebanese rock band Mashrou’ Leila announced that Jordanian authorities banned their 27 June 2017 concert scheduled to take place in capital Amman’s Exhibition Park, making this the second consecutive year that authorities have banned the band’s performances. The popular band, whose music has been called the “soundtrack to the […]
  • Jordan: Ban on performance by Lebanese band reversed

    Jordan is permitting the popular Lebanese rock band Mashrou’ Leila to perform, thereby lifting an earlier ban imposed amid claims that the group’s songs – which are promoting religious and sexual freedom – “violate local customs and religious beliefs.” Khalid Abu Zeid, a regional politician who initially announced the ban against Mashrou’ Leila (‘Leila’s Project), said […]
  • Jordan: Rock concert banned for “contradicting” religious beliefs

    The Jordanian Ministry of Interior has confirmed that it banned Lebanese rock band Mashrou’ Leila from performing their concert set to take place on 29 April 2016 at the Roman Theatre in the country’s capital of Amman, reported CNN Arabic on 27 April 2016. The popular band, whose music has been called the “soundtrack to […]
  • Jordan: Concert by Israeli musician in Wadi Rum cancelled

    Israeli musician Nadav Dagon cancelled his appearance at a three-day music festival scheduled from 7-9 April 2016 in Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert after outcry against the performance surfaced on social media, reaching several parts of Jordan’s society and political groups, reported The Jerusalem Post on 4 April 2016. A group of members of parliament signed a […]
  • Jordan: Heavy metal musician: “We were rebels”

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## Jordan:“We were rebels” “Wherever we came out we were branded Satanists,” writes Rami Abdel Rahman in this personal account of his experiences as a young metal head in the 1990s heavy metal scene of Jordan. By Rami Abdel Rahman One snowy winter afternoon in Sweden about two years ago, I hurried into a […]
  • Ruba Saqr

    RUBA SAQR (Jordan) ##PagePublishedLong##   In this interview the Jordanian singer Ruba Saqr speaks about the impact of music censorship – and in particular: artists’ self-censorship – in the Middle East. She connects the music censorship issue with development problems in society in general – in Jordan as well as in the rest of the […]
  • Jordan: Freemuse Round Table Meeting in Amman in April 2005

    ACTIVITIES ##PagePublishedLong## Jordan: Freemuse Round Table Meeting in Amman Freemuse hosts a round table meeting in Amman which brings together a group of artists and organisers from the cultural scene of the nearby region The meeting, held on April 1, 2005, was one of the first steps made by Freemuse to direct a sharpened focus […]
  • The Middle East: New restrictions on satellite tv

    NEWS The Middle East:New restrictions on satellite tv Freedom of expression in the Middle East suffered a major setback on 12 February 2008 when 21 information ministers of the Arab League agreed on a new charter which requires satellite tv broadcasting “not to offend leaders in the Arab world” and to “protect Arab identity from […]
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