• Il Canto di Malavita: la Musica della Mafia

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Il Canto di Malavita: la Musica della MafiaIt’s the kind of music you can imagine enjoying on a lazy summer’s afternoon in southern Italy. There are jangling tambourines and playful accordions, shimmering mandolins and a voice dripping with melancholy. It would be easy to drift off to sleep – unless you understand Italian, […]
  • 1900-1949

    EUROPE, RUSSIA     1900 – 1949 1924. Turkey. Kurdish music and Whirling DervishesDespite the 1924 constitution’s claim that “in Turkey, from the point of view of citizenship, everyone is a Turk without regard to race or religion”, an official decree in March 1924 banned all Kurdish folklore and gramophone recordings of Kurdish music were destroyed. Turkey […]
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