• Nordic Ministers of Culture declare support for artistic freedom

    “Artistic and creative expressions, as an integral part of the human right to freedom of expressions, is critical both to the development of cultures and to the functioning of democratic societies,” said a declaration by the Nordic Ministers of Culture adopted at a seminar on 2 May 2016 during the World Press Freedom Days in Helsinki. […]
  • Denmark: Religious reservations labeled as ‘censorship’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark:Religious reservations labeled as ‘censorship’ In the aftermath of the Muhammed cartoon crisis, the criteria for what is termed as ‘censorship’ is gradually changing. On 5 December 2006, two bare shoulders of a female Norwegian singer became ‘breaking news’ in Denmark with the headline: “Muslim censorship in music show” By Freemuse The headline […]
  • Denmark: Teenager arrested for ‘death rap’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark: Teenager arrested for ‘death rap’ A 17-year-old teenager was arrested for sending death threats in the form of a rap song to the Danish politician Naser Khader, reports the news agency Ritzau The boy composed and produced a rap song in which he threatened Naser Khader and his family, and then he e-mailed it to Khader […]
  • China: Danish singer banned by censorship authorities

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Danish singer banned by censorship authorities The Danish singer and rapper Linkoban, known as Ling Ly in China, performed twice in Beijing in July 2012, despite the fact that she had been banned by the Chinese censorship authorities. Linkoban and her crew of dancers had to make a number of last-minute changes […]
  • Denmark/Finland/Norway/Sweden: Academic network for reseaching music censorship

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## The Nordic countries: Academic network for reseaching music censorship Over 40 professors, university researchers and students from the Nordic countries have established a network to provide an informed knowledge of the role of culture and music in a global world, and of the practices which cause restrictions and silencing of targeted musicians. The […]
  • Denmark: iTunes ‘censorship story’ became news breaker for Danish pop band

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark: iTunes ‘censorship story’ became news breaker for Danish pop band A song entitled ‘Dum’ (‘Dumb’) by the Danish pop band Superspark reportedly got Apple’s online music store iTunes to “crack down” with a form of censorship, renaming the song ‘D*m’ when it was released on 15 August 2011. “We love Apple!”, the band […]
  • Denmark: Writer’s safe cities should also be for musicians

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark:Writer’s safe cities should also be for musicians The proposal by Freemuse to include musicians in the Safe Cities programme finds backing in the Danish parliament. The opposition wants this corrected by a revision of the law, but the government does not agree. The two opposition parties, the Socialdemocrats and SF, believe that […]
  • Syria: Danish pop singer interrogated by secret service

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Syria: Danish pop singer interrogated by secret service Mazen Ismail, a 25-year-old Danish pop singer and a student at the University of Damascus studying Arabic as an exchange student in Syria, was picked up by armed guard and interrogated by the Syrian secret service, reported the Danish newspaper BT During a three-hour interrogation, […]
  • Denmark: Controversy over Jamaican reggae star’s concert

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark / Jamaica:Controversy over reggae star’s concert in Copenhagen Prior to his concert in Copenhagen on 19 October 2009 reggae star Sizzla was quoted in a Danish newspaper interview as confirming his anti-homosexual viewpoints. Because of this the local music venue where the concert was about to take place threatened to cancel it, […]
  • Human Rights for Musicians – The organisation that was missing: Kj

    PUBLICATIONS TEN YEARS WITH FREEMUSE THE ORGANISATION THAT WAS MISSING Morten Kj It is not often these days that a movement, an institution or an organisation, which the world simply cannot do without, is missing. This is also true within the human rights field. The rights are already here, and so the main task is […]
  • Human Rights for Musicians – Freemuse inspires research and teaching  Annemette Kirkegaard

    PUBLICATIONS TEN YEARS WITH FREEMUSE FREEMUSE INSPIRES RESEARCH AND TEACHING Annemette Kirkegaard Associate Professor in Musicology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Since the very start of Freemuse in 1998 I have been closely following the development of the organisation. I work as an ethnomusicologist and have always felt the need to expand the field of research […]
  • Denmark/Sweden/Germany: In court for selling Nazi music

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark/Sweden/Germany:In court for selling Nazi music to Germany Two men were arrested in Denmark on 27 August 2008 for allegedly financing, commissioning and distributing recordings that have been deemed illegal because of their extremist content. The Danish Ministry of Justice said that one of the men is German and one is Danish. SourcesDW-world.de – […]
  • Germany/Denmark: Controversy around erotic drawing on vinyl cover

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Germany / Denmark: Controversy around erotic drawing on LP cover The Danish psychedelic garage rock band Baby Woodrose recently experienced trouble in connection with the re-issuing of Blows Your Mind, their debut album originally released in 2001. The LP cover consists of artwork by Malleus – a drawing picturing a naked woman lying in […]
  • Freemuse: Brian Mikkelsens lovforslag om fribyer er diskriminerende

    KAMPAGNE ##PagePublishedLong## Freemuse:Brian Mikkelsens lovforslag om fribyer er diskriminerende Regeringen spiller i dag ud med et konkret lovforslag om fribyer for forfulgte forfattere. Initiativet skal give danske kommuner mulighed for at st L Information om Freemuse
  • Freemuse filmvisning: Iransk undergrundsmusik lever – p

    FILMFOREVISNING  ##PagePublishedLong## Freemuse:Iransk undergrundsmusik lever – p Pressematerialekan downloades herPressekontaktOle Reitov, Freemusetlf 33 32 10 27 eller 23 23 27 65 BilletsalgGrand Teatretwww.grandteatret.dk MedieomtaleJyllands-Posten – 10. februar 2008:‘Hiphop og rock p L Information om Freemuse
  • Freemuse kampagne: Friby-ordningen b

    KAMPAGNE ##PagePublishedLong## Freemuse:Friby-ordningen b Web links The International Cities of Refuge Network: www.icorn.orgDJBFA:www.djbfa.dkDansk Kunstnerr MedieomtaleFyens Stiftstidende – 3. februar 2008:‘Musik med en pistol for panden’Musikeren – 1. februar 2008:‘Friby for alle kunstnere’Jyllands-Posten – 11. januar 2008:‘Musikere Information om Freemuse
  • Denmark: Politician requests “total boycott” of hip hop band

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark:Politician requested “total boycott” of hip hop band In a press release the right-wing politician Kenneth Kristensen, who is chairman of the youth branch of the Danish People’s Party (in Danish: ‘Dansk Folkeparti’), called for a “total boycott” of the Danish hip hop trio Outlandish Kenneth Kristensen compared the music of Outlandish with […]
  • Three films about music and Islam hit Scandinavia

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Sweden and Denmark:Three films about music and Islam hit Scandinavia Pakistani rock star and filmmaker Salman Ahmad, and editor of the UK world music magazine Songlines Simon Broughton will make a quick visit to Denmark and Sweden in February to show three documentari films highlighting essential discussions concerning music and Islam. Salman Ahmad will […]
  • Denmark: Focus on arguments against religious music prohibition

    ACTIVITIES ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark: Focus on arguments against religious music prohibition Two national tv stations and several newspapers interviewed the Pakistani rock musician Salman Ahmad about his viewpoints on music prohibition in Islam Salman Ahmad was visiting the Danish capital Copenhagen to present the documentary film, ‘The Rock Star and the Mullahs’. After screening the film, […]
  • China: Danish rock band requested to change lyrics

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Danish rock band requested to change lyrics In order to be allowed to perform in China, the Danish band Rock Hard Power Spray had to change the title of one of their songs With 80,000 tickets sold, the MIDI Modern Festival in Beijing is China’s largest music festival. It runs on 1-4 May […]
  • Denmark: Reggae concert under close surveillance

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark:Reggae concert under close surveillance 200 activitsts demonstrated against the performance of Jamaican rapper and DJ Elephant Man in Copenhagen on 21 May 2007 because he has incited to violence against homosexuals in his songs “Battyman fi dead! [Queers must be killed]Please mark we word [Please mark my words]Gimme tha tech-nine [Give me […]
  • Denmark: Calling to cancel Jamaican reggae star concert

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark:Calling to cancel Jamaican reggae star concert The Jamaican Reggae singer Buju Banton was met with demonstrations and callings to cancel his concert when he played at The Rock in Copenhagen on July 11, 2006 Representatives of the gay and lesbian community in Denmark demanded the concert cancelled and arranged demonstrations against Buju […]
  • Denmark: High school pupils convicted for rap song

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark:High school pupils convicted for rap song On 19 October 2006 two pupils from K Source:Dagbladet K Related reading on ‘hate music’
  • Denmark: CD-album recalled due to fear of misinterpretation

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark: New CD-album recalled due to fear of misinterpretation Launch of new Danish album has been cancelled because the cover shows Jomi Massage in burka-like outfit in the colours of the Danish flag By Freemuse Postponing the release of Jomi Massage’s new album “may feel and be interpreted as self-censorship but it is […]
  • Denmark / Morocco: Danish DJ boycotted in Morocco

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark / Morocco:Danish DJ boycotted in Morocco Moroccan night club has cancelled engagement of the Danish house-DJ Rune RK for “political reasons” The hit song ‘Calabria’ is created by Rune RK from Denmark, presently gaining popularity in many countries, including Morocco. But because Danish goods are being boycotted in Muslim countries due to […]
  • Denmark/Tunisia: Danish orchestras cancel concerts in Tunisia

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark / Tunisia:Danish orchestras cancel concerts in TunisiaChris Poole & Kasper S Cyborg.dkChrisPoole.dkOriental-Mood.dk Related reading
  • Sweden: Religious group attempts to silence music

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Sweden: Religious group attempts to silence music On 25 April 2006, a documentary programme on SVT, the National Swedish TV, showed how a group of young, religious men in Sweden act as if they were an Islamic police force and try to prevent Swedish Muslims – basically of Somali origin – from listening […]
  • Denmark: Religious fundamentalists obstruct concert

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Religious fundamentalists obstructs Copenhagen concert A concert on 9 October, in Copenhagen, Denmark, arranged by the Somali network in Denmark was blocked by a group of 70 religious fundamentalists.  According to reports in Danish daily paper Politiken, the group told the musicians that “music is the work of the Devil”, and then tried […]
  • Pr

    PR BEK For musikere betyder ytringsfrihed is Som udgangspunkt kan der derfor ikke ud Af hensyn til respekten for andres rettigheder eller omd I alle tilf For musikere betyder retten til at deltage i kulturlivet is I mods DE SPILLER MIN MUSIKEn miniguide til komponisters og musikeres rettigheder N Hvad g STOP CENSUR AF MUSIKERE […]
  • Djembe Online

    LINK ##PagePublishedLong## DjembeThe world music magazine Djembe online. Special issue on music and censorship. Articles in English and Danish;www.djembe.dk/no/26/08ci1.html Related:
  • Freemuse campaign: ‘Safe cities’ should include all artists

    CAMPAIGN 10 January 2008 Freemuse:Danish ‘safe cities’ should include all artists Freemuse initiates a campaign for inclusion of musicians and other artists in the ‘safe cities’ system The Danish government has proposed to introduce ‘safe cities’ for persecuted writers. The Danish system would be linked to ICORN, the International Cities of Refuge Network, which offers […]
  • Ferhat Tunc meets Danish MP’s

    ACTIVITY 01 February 2006 Ferhat Tunc meets Danish MP’s On 1 February 2006, Ferhat Tunç met leading parliamentarians and high level representatives from Amnesty, Pen and Danish Arts organisations during a hectic two day stay in Copenhagen The stay culminated with a public meeting held on the premises of the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen. The […]
  • Turkey: “Keep Roj TV!” Turkish musicians protest

    ARTICLE 17 January 2006 Turkey: “Keep Roj TV!” Turkish musicians protest Turkish and Kurdish musicians have signed a petition against attempts to ban the Denmark-based Kurdish Roj TV. The Danish government has been under diplomatic pressure from the U.S. administration and the Turkish government to effect its closure The Turkish government claims that Roj TV […]
  • Denmark: Censorship on music during the German occupation

    SPEECHES 01 January 2001 Denmark: Censorship on music during the German occupation Speech by Mr. Hans Skaarup, at the 1st Freemuse World conference in 1998 Imagine a young person in a music quiz in the radio or on TV. The question is: “Has the German composer Mendelssohn ever been prohibited in The Danish National Radio?”. […]
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