• Colombia: ‘Prohibited ballads’ are popular

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Colombia:‘Prohibited ballads’ banned on air, popular live The accordion-laced, hard-driving songs about Colombia’s underworld are called ‘corridos prohibidos’ – prohibited ballads – because established radio networks ban them from the air. The Washington Post describes why they have become so popular “In a country with Marxist rebels, death squads, cocaine traffickers and all […]
  • Colombia: Ten rappers murdered for criticizing the system

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Colombia: Ten rappers murdered for criticizing the system Ten rappers have been murdered in the last two years in the Colombian city Medellín. Their “crime”: that they volunteered to help getting young people away from paramilitary groups and drug gangs. 14 rappers have gone underground, and even more fear for their lives, reported the […]
  • Colombia: Rappers fighting for peace

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Colombia:Rappers fighting for peace This is the story about young hip-hoppers spreading a message of hope and peace while living within an armed conflict. 27-year old Jeihhco and his friends are using microphones, record players and education to change the everyday life in their neighborhood. Medellín in Colombia is known as one of […]
  • Colombia: Young hip-hop singer killed

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Colombia:Young hip-hop singer killed The 20-year-old singer Pacheco of the hip hop group C4 was shot by gunmen in August 2009 Pacheco (full name: Enrique Pacheco Hector Marmolejo) was murdered as he was on his way home at one o’clock in the afternoon, a block from the College Eduardo Santos in the western […]
  • Bellavista Social Club

    BELLAVISTA SOCIAL CLUB(Colombia) ##PagePublishedLong## Colombian rappers and protest musicians Don Vito and Medina speak about their personal experiences of music censorship in Cobacabana. In this video interview they focus on how they have been threatened and persecuted because of the songs on the album ‘Road to Neighbour- hood’ (‘Camino al Barrio’).  Wimpy Wasp Player Flash […]
  • Dominican Republic: Cumbia hit banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Dominican Republic:Cumbia hit banned for its sexual undertones ‘La Camisa Negra’ (“The Black Shirt”) by Colombian megastar Juanes has been blacklisted by the government of the Dominican Republic In 2004, singer-songwriter and guitarist Juanes released his album ‘Mi Sangre’ (“My Blood”) which since then has sold more than two million copies world-wide. The album has […]
  • Pasajeros

    PASAJEROS(Colombia) 20 October 2008 Vídeo con los raperos colombianos Don Vito y David Medina, integrantes del grupo Bellavista Social Club, donde exponen sus experiencias de persecución y atropellos cometidos por las fuerzas de seguridad del estado colombiano contra sus compañeros el grupo Los Pasajeros.En este vídeo Vito y Medina narran como son encarcelados por terrorismo […]
  • Pasajeros

    PASAJEROS(Colombia) 08 October 2008 Colombian rappers and protest musicians Don Vito and Medina speak about their personal experiences of music censorship in Cobacabana. In this interview they focus on what happened to their colleagues in the band Pasajeros. The interviews were recorded in May 2007.  Wimpy Wasp Player The band Pasajeros was formed in 1991 […]
  • Colombia: FARC ideologue and musician reportedly killed

    UPDATE – 2015 In 2008, Freemuse reported – as seen below – that the Colombian rebel musician Julian Conrado had been assassinated. We have since received information indicating that he is alive and participating in the peace negotiations between FARC and the Colombian government in Havana, Cuba. See for instance this article, El cantante de las […]
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