• China: U.S. rock band forced to cut songs from setlists

    Heavy metal band Metallica’s concerts in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai had certain songs removed from their setlists due to China’s censorship policies, reported South China Morning Post on 23 January 2017. Metallica frontman James Hetfield told the newspaper: Why shouldn’t you respect their culture when you’re there as a guest and you’ve been invited […]
  • China: Imprisoned Tibetan singer released after completing sentence

    Tibetan singer Achok Phulshung was released from prison on 2 February 2017 after completing his four-and-a-half year prison sentence for singing songs praising the Dalai Lama and about Tibetans killed in 2008 during peaceful protests, reported The Tibet Post International on 3 February 2017. “We welcome the release of Achok Phushung, but note with great […]
  • Listen to forbidden female voices

    » To listen, go to play.spotify.com   MUSIC FREEDOM DAY 2017 SPOTIFY PLAYLIST – IN CELEBRATION AND PROTECTION OF WOMEN’S VOICES Did you know that… Women are banned from singing in public in some countries? Women cannot attend a concert in some places? The music industry is still unequal? This is why Freemuse is focusing […]
  • China: Ministry of Culture allegedly blacklists 55 artists

    China has allegedly blacklisted 55 artists, mostly musicians, a majority of whom are from Hong Kong and Taiwan, who have participated in pro-democracy movements or expressed political views that China deems objectionable, reported Quartz on 11 January 2017. Hints of the blacklist came a week earlier, on 6 January, when works by some pop artists […]
  • Candidates to the UN Human Rights Council are grave violators of artistic expression

    Copenhagen 27 October 2016 | Freemuse is deeply concerned about the candidacies of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and Cuba, for seats in the UN Human Rights Council. These countries are leading the league of countries violating freedom of artistic expression and cannot be considered qualified to protect human rights in the Human Rights Council. “The […]
  • China: Two Tibetan singers released after serving out four-year prison terms

    On 3 October 2016, Tibetan singers Chakdor and Pema Trinley were released from prison after serving out their four-year sentences in a prison in China’s southwestern Sichuan province and have returned to their hometown, reported Radio Free Asia on 6 October 2016. An anonymous source told the news outlet that they were welcomed by their […]
  • China: Singer’s music scrubbed from online music services due to Hong Kong activism

    Music fans in China have reported that several major Chinese music and video streaming platforms, as well as the Chinese iTunes store, have removed, blocked or filtered out the music and online content of pop star Denise Ho, who has been active in the Hong Kong independence and pro-democracy movement since 2014, as well as […]
  • China: State agency reportedly bans South Korean stars over diplomatic feud

    Officials from China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television have allegedly passed down “verbal orders” to TV stations that approvals for South Korean programmes or those featuring South Korean stars would not be granted for the time being, reported South China Morning Post on 2 August 2016. Further, according to the new […]
  • China: American singer banned due to Dalai Lama meeting

    American pop star Lady Gaga is the latest addition to the ever-growing list of artists banned by China for their meetings with the Dalai Lama or stances on Tibet, reported The Guardian on 28 June 2016. The singer met with the Dalai Lama on 26 June 2016 at the US Conference of Mayors for approximately […]
  • China: British heavy metal band forced to alter show

    Iron Maiden have become the latest band to change their live performance in order to satisfy the Chinese government. The metal veterans played two shows in China – in Beijing and Shanghai – in the last week of April 2016. The band had to change lyrics and drop special effects and stage props, according the […]
  • China: American pop star tour dates cancelled

    Chinese authorities have allegedly banned US pop star Selena Gomez from performing two dates in the country on her Revival Tour due to photos of her with the Dalai Lama posted on her social media profiles in 2014, reported The New Zealand Herald on 20 April 2016. The singer was set to play in Guangzhou […]
  • Art Under Threat: Attacks on artistic freedom in 2015

    Freemuse Annual Statistics on Censorship and Attacks on Artistic Freedom in 2015 Artistic freedom is under extreme pressure in far too many countries. The Freemuse annual report summarises censorship and threats on artistic freedom in 2015 in over 70 countries. In total, Freemuse registered 469 cases of censorship and attacks on artists and violations of […]
  • China/Taiwan: Singers banned for nationalist statements and actions

    Taiwanese-born singer Michael Huang’s songs and appearances on shows have been banned on Taiwanese media after he made critical comments against a teen pop star holding up the island’s flag during her appearance on a TV show, reported Now K Pop. On 8 January 2016 Huang posted a message on popular Chinese micro-blogging site Sina […]
  • China: Hip-hop group censored and detained

    Chinese rap trio IN3 may never be able perform in Beijing after garnering the current unenviable status of having the top 17 spots in China’s list of 120 banned songs, according to the Daily Mail. Due to the blacklist the Beijing-based group has had a difficult time finding venues to play, going as far as […]
  • China: Malaysian rapper told to make no controversial statements

    The Malaysian rapper Namewee (real name: Wee Meng Chee) has become the latest to join a growing number of artists and brands facing limitations on their performance in China. Namewee posted a statement on Facebook on 19 October 2015 that he had been forced by his Hong Kong concert promoter to declare that he wouldn’t […]
  • China: Government blocks American rock band over Tibet issue

    Chinese fans of the American rock band Bon Jovi have been given a taste of bad medicine after authorities pulled the plug on plans for the group’s first concerts in the country. The band were scheduled to perform in Shanghai Monday 14 September 2015 and in Beijing the following Thursday. It is believed the concerts […]
  • China: 120 songs banned for promoting obscenity and violence

    On 10 August 2015, China released a blacklist of songs claiming they promote obscenity or violence and ordered website administrators to remove them from their sites, according to Xinhua News Agency. The order from the Ministry of Culture accompanied a list of 120 songs that trumpeted “obscenity, violence, crime or harmed social morality”. The list […]
  • China: US pop group banned because of a tweet

    The US pop group Maroon 5 have felt the wrath of China’s stringent government policies, getting banned from entering the country allegedly after posting a tweet showing support for the Dalai Lama. The group’s Beijing and Shanghai concerts scheduled for September 2015 as a part of their larger Asian tour were cancelled with no official […]
  • USA: Ai Weiwei exhibition features music by imprisoned musicians

    A new exhibition by the acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei opened on 27 September 2014 on Alcatraz near San Fransisco, USA. It features music by Tibetan singer Lolo and Pussy Riot, highlighting threads which connect artists around the planet who face harassment, pressure, persecution, prosecution and even death for expressing their opinion and their art. […]
  • China: ‘Tiananmen singer’ Cui Jian censored

    The Chinese musician Cui Jian whose song became the unofficial anthem for demonstrating students during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests declined a major public appearance over censorship concerns. Cui Jian was due to play at China’s Spring Festival Gala, one of the most watched programmes anywhere on the planet which draws a tv audience of […]
  • China: Two Tibetan singers sentenced to two years in prison

    Two Tibetan singers, Pema Trinley, 22, and Chakdor, 32, who were detained in 2012 for releasing a music album titled ‘Agony of Unhealed Wounds’ are reported by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy to have been secretly sentenced to two years in prison. The two singers come from a nomadic village called Meuruma. […]
  • Freemuse speaks at Human Rights Council

    On 3 June 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland, Freemuse made its first oral statement in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. Commenting on the newly launched UN report on artistic freedom and creativity, Freemuse Programme Manager Ole Reitov said: “The problems faced by artists are well described. Your analysis of the negative effects on […]
  • China: Video and song by Ai Weiwei banned

    The song and video for ‘Dumbass’, the first track from Ai Weiwei’s forthcoming heavy metal album, ‘Divine Comedy’, are being blocked on the Chinese Internet — along with the search term “Ai Weiwei”, reported several news media. The track reconstructs Ai Weiwei’s 81-day detention in 2011, including what he says is an exact model of […]
  • China: Moon Hee-jun’s song banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Moon Hee-jun’s song banned The song ‘Media’, which is included in Moon Hee-jun’s second album, was banned by all three major broadcast stations (KBS, MBC, and SBS) for attacking mass media. The lyrics and melody for ‘Media’ was written by Moon Hee-jun himself. In the song, he severely criticizes the faults of mass […]
  • China: Hong Kong pop star CoCo Lee’s new album banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Hong Kong pop star CoCo Lee’s new album banned When the singer known as “Asia’s Mariah Carey” launched her new album, it instantly attracted controversy with its sexy image and lyrics CoCo Lee’s second English album, ‘Exposed’, was officially released in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China on the 25th of March 2005, […]
  • China ‘orders Stones songs ban’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China ‘orders Stones songs ban’The Chinese Government has ordered the Rolling Stones to drop four of their best-known songs from their concerts in the country next month, according to a tour organiser.Story from BBC Related reading
  • China: Danish singer banned by censorship authorities

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Danish singer banned by censorship authorities The Danish singer and rapper Linkoban, known as Ling Ly in China, performed twice in Beijing in July 2012, despite the fact that she had been banned by the Chinese censorship authorities. Linkoban and her crew of dancers had to make a number of last-minute changes […]
  • China: Increased control on music publishing in Tibet

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Increased control on music publishing in Tibet New measures by Chinese authorities involve significantly increased controls in the Tibetan music publishing, reported Human Rights Watch on 13 July 2012. In the lead-up to the 18th Party Congress, due to take place in late 2012, restrictions on news, media, and communications in Tibet […]
  • China/Tibet: How singers sidestep an oppressive law

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China / Tibet: How singers sidestep an oppressive law In a review of a concert by three Tibetan musicians performing in London, Samuel Ivor describes how hidden messages are conveyed in the Tibetan folk music: “In Tibet, due to the rule of Chinese law which bans the use of naming His Holiness the […]
  • China: Tibetan singer arrested and taken to unknown location

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Tibetan singer arrested and taken to unknown location Fear for the safety of Tibetan singer Lo Lo who was arrested on 19 April 2012 and whose whereabouts and fate since then are unclear. According to the information received, the 29-year-old singer Lo Lo was arrested in Yushu region of eastern Tibet on 19 […]
  • China: Controversial rap song banned and deleted from websites

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Controversial rap song banned and deleted from websites On 29 May 2011, one day before a planned large-scale Mongolian demonstration in Hohhot, the regional capital of Southern Mongolia, a rap song was banned and removed from all Chinese Internet sites immediately after it was posted, reported The Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information […]
  • China: 100 songs on culture ministry’s internet blacklist

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: 100 songs on culture ministry’s internet blacklist 100 songs that harm ‘national cultural security’ have been placed on a new internet blacklist by China’s culture ministry, reported BBC News on 24 August 2011. Most of the banned songs are from Taiwan or Hong Kong, with several from Japan. Also hits by Western […]
  • China: ‘Super Girl’ music tv-show suspended by government censors

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Popular music tv-show suspended by government censors One of China’s most popular televised talent shows, ‘Super Girl’, has been put under yearlong suspension by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The finales of ‘Super Girl’ — the Chinese version of ‘American Idol’ — attracted more than 400 million viewers in China. […]
  • China/Tibet: Young Tibetan singer arrested by Chinese authorities

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China/Tibet: Young Tibetan singer arrested by Chinese authorities The singer Hortsang Lhalung Tso was detained by the socalled Public Security Bureau in Tsoe-town of Sangchu county in the Amdho region of eastern Tibet, reported YC. Dhardhowa in The Tibet Post International. Phuntsok, a Buddhist monk from Drepung monastery based in South India, told […]
  • China: Beijing’s censors cancel opera’s world premiere

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Beijing’s censors cancel opera’s world premiere A new opera about Sun Yat-sen, China’s first president, was canceled shortly before its scheduled opening in Beijing because its music allegedly displeased the authorities, reported several news media. According to the composer’s representatives, Karsten Witt Music Management in Berlin, a government official had gone to […]
  • Nepal: Police disrupts Tibetan culture show

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Nepal: Police disrupts Tibetan culture show Tibetans in Nepal are facing increased restrictions on cultural performances. Recently a programme by a Kathmandu-based group was broken up by the Nepalese police. By Hanne Pedersen, writing from Kathmandu On 29 September 2011, the Nepal Tibetan Lhamo Association (NTLA) was going to perform a programme of […]
  • China: Jeroen De Kloet traces the politics of rock in China

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## China:The politics of rock in China Dutch researcher Jeroen De Kloet traces the politics of rock music in China, which he says is both rebellious and compliant. He explains about ‘Dakou’ which stands for far more than just CDs that infringe copyright legislation; it stands for a lifestyle very much in vogue among […]
  • China/Tibet: Music film about cultural exploitation and resistance

    FILMS ##PagePublishedLong## China / Tibet:Music film about cultural exploitation and resistance The film ‘Tibet in Song’ shows Chinese officials and troops persecuting anyone performing Tibetan folk music. It is directed by musicologist and former Tibetan political prisoner, Ngawang Choephel, and has been described as “a story of beauty, pain, brutality and resilience”. ‘Tibet in Song’ […]
  • China/Tibet: Banned Tibetan singer disappears

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China / Tibet: Banned Tibetan singer disappears Chinese authorities are looking for Pasang, a popular Tibetan singer, who has gone into hiding after his debut album was banned and confiscated, reported Radio Free Asia on 24 September 2010. “The authorities blamed him for singing and recording politically sensitive themes in his songs. They […]
  • China: 18th-century German opera censored in Beijing

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: 18th-century German opera censored in Beijing Zhang Huan’s production of the Handel opera ‘Semele’ concerned Chinese censors. The officials insisted on a number of changes. “As any artist or performer in China knows, it is impossible to predict what will set off the mercurial culture censors who have sweeping power over the […]
  • China/Tibet: Singer Tashi Dhondup released from prison

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China/Tibet: Singer Tashi Dhondup released from prison The Tibetan singer Tashi Dhondup has been released from prison, reported Radio Free Asia on 8 February 2011 Radio Free Asia’s report quotes a relative of Tashi Dhondup who is living in Tibet as saying:“He arrived safely at his hometown in Yulgan [in Chinese: Henan] county […]
  • China: American folk singer agreed to Chinese censorship

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China / USA: American folk singer agreed to Chinese censorship The 69-year-old American folk singer Bob Dylan, famous for his songs against injustice and for civil rights, agreed to perform in China only with a heavily censored list of songs — which caused an uproar in his home country. On 6 April 2011, Bob […]
  • China: Rock musician arrested in airport

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Rock musician arrested in airport The Chinese rock musician Zuoxiao Zuzhou was detained for over 12 hours by police in Shanghai’s airport, a Hong Kong-based rights group said on 28 April 2011. Zuoxiao Zuzhou (real name: Wu Hongjin) had publicly expressed his support for the detained artist and rights campaigner Ai Weiwei […]
  • Freemuse report on censorship of heavy metal music

    FREEMUSE REPORT ##PagePublishedLong## Mark LeVineHEADBANGING AGAINST REPRESSIVE REGIMES – Censorship of heavy metal in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and China Report no. 9 Freemuse, Copenhagen, 2010ISSN: 1601-2127. ISBN 978-87-988163-3-1.    104 pages. Purchase printed version Right-click to download(On Mac: CTRL-click) Review Metalunderground.com – 4 March 2011:Review by Rockstar_Scribbler“Immediately after the first couple pages […]
  • China: Uncertainty over ban of concerts with American folk singer Bob Dylan

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Uncertainty over ban of concerts with American folk singer The Chinese government allegedly refused to allow the 68-year-old American folk singer Bob Dylan to perform in Beijing and Shanghai because of his reputation as a protestsinger. We write ‘allegedly’, because other sources refute the reports that Dylan was refused. Jeffrey Wu, operations […]
  • Launch of Freemuse’s new report on censorship of heavy metal music

    FREEMUSE REPORT ##PagePublishedLong## Take part in the launch of Freemuse’s heavy metal report Mark LeVine is online, ready to communicate with you on Facebook and Skype, from 6 PM to 8 PM GMT on Monday 22 February 2010. SkypeIn order to communicate with Mark LeVine on Skype, you need to establish contact with his skype […]
  • China/Tibet: Singer imprisoned for publishing ‘subversive songs’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Tibet / China:Singer imprisoned for publishing “subversive songs” A Chinese court has sentenced the Tibetan singer Tashi Dhondup (also sometimes spelled Tashi Dondrup) to one year and seven months’ imprisonment for producing a music album with “subversive songs”. CD-cover of ‘Torture without Trace’ The album titled ‘Torture Without Trace’ contains 13 songs expressing […]
  • China/Tibet: Singer and music shop owner in Lhasa detained by police

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Tibet / China:Singer and music shop owner in Lhasa detained by police Tenzin, a singer from Amdo who owns a music shop in Lhasa, has been detained by the police and accused of downloading ‘illegal music’, reported High Peaks Pure Earth “We are not sure of the exact date of his detention. Our […]
  • China: Ministry makes new push to control online music

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Ministry makes new push to control online music The Chinese ministry of culture implements new censorship rules for the country’s online music providers by 1 January 2010. This is necessary to ensure that lyrics are “acceptable” and to protect “intellectual property rights”, stated the ministry It was announced on the website of […]
  • China: Western music industry accepts Chinese censorship

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Western music industry accepts Chinese censorship Music banned by the Chinese authorities will not be available at a new free Internet music download service launched earlier this week by Google Inc. and major music companies. Providers will abide by Chinese censorship and withhold songs that are banned by the communist government. “When you’re […]
  • China: American band Guns ‘N’ Roses’ new album banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: American band Guns ‘N’ Roses’ new album banned Guns ’N‘ Roses first album for 17 years, ‘Chinese Democracy’, is allegedly banned from importation into China — apparently because of its name, reported the British newspaper The Telegraph. China National Publications Import and Export Group, the state-owned monopoly responsible for importing all music, […]
  • China: Country profile

    COUNTRY PROFILE ##PagePublishedLong## Music censorship in China In China, the censorship authorities act with the aim of protecting its citizens against “mental contamination” and its government against criticism. China responds to globalisation at two different levels. Markets are increasingly open to those foreign products that don’t ruffle the feathers of a very conservative culture; at […]
  • Campaign: Urge for immediate release of Tibetan singer

    CAMPAIGN ##PagePublishedLong## Freemuse:Urge for immediate release of Tibetan singer and song-writer Freemuse joins campaign supporting Jamyang Kyi, who has been detained without charges since 1 April 2008 Last week, the International PEN called for international protests in support of Jamyang Kyi, a prominent Tibetan singer and a song-writer, internet writer and feminist activist, who has […]
  • China: Tibetan musicians arrested and “effectively silenced”

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Tibetan musicians arrested and ‘effectively silenced’ Since March 2008, the Tibetan singers Drolmakyi and Jamyang Kyi, the musician Lhundrup, as well as four other celebrities have been arrested and held in custody without charges by the Chinese authorities, reported Los Angeles Times. On 30 March 2008, Chinese authorities arrested the singer and nightclub-owner […]
  • China/Tibet: Singer and song-writer detained without charges

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## The following article was transmitted by International PEN’s Rapid Action Network on 23 April 2008 Tibet, the A.R. of China:Tibetan singer and song-writer Jamyang Kyi detained without charges Jamyang Kyi, a prominent Tibetan singer and a song-writer, internet writer and feminist activist, has been arrested and held without charges since 1 April 2008, reports […]
  • China: Authorities stricter on foreign performers

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Authorities stricter on foreign performers Socalled ‘threatening’ singers or musicians are not welcome in China. “Any artistic group or individual who have ever engaged in activities which threaten our national sovereignty will not be allowed in,” the Chinese Ministry of Culture made it clear in a statement on its website on 17 […]
  • China: Tightened control over cultural activities

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Tightened control over cultural activities As a security move to prevent anti-government protests and terrorist attacks, the Chinese Ministry of Culture announced on 26 April 2008 that China will tighten up controls over cultural activities and products ahead of the Summer Olympics on 8-24 August. The announcement by Vice Minister of Culture Zhao […]
  • China: Online music store blocked because of pro-Tibetan album

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Online music store blocked for selling pro-Tibetan album Access to Apple’s online iTunes Store has allegedly been blocked in China after it emerged that Olympic athletes have been downloading and possibly listening to a music album advocating Tibetan independence The album is entitled ‘Songs for Tibet’ and was produced by a group […]
  • China: Censorship of American jazz concert

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Authorities censored American jazz concert American jazz pianist Harry Connick Jr. bumped up against China’s cultural restrictions when he was forced to make last-minute changes to his performance in Shanghai on 8 March 2008. Officials also refused to allow him to perform a revised set list. Players in Connick’s band told a […]
  • China: Authorities considered tightening control of foreign artists

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Authorities considered tightening control of foreign artists A statement during a concert in Shanghai on 2 March 2008 where the Icelandic artist Björk showed support of Tibet’s independence led to indications of tighter regulations and censorship of foreign artists performing in China. But soon enough, the Chinese ministry of culture softened the previous […]
  • China: Canto-pop Censorship in China & Singapore

  • China: Once banned Taiwanese singer regains popularity

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Once banned Taiwanese singer regains popularity Beijing officials who seven years ago banned the music of pop star Chang Hui-mei, better known as A-mei, now use her name to improve political ties between mainland China and the small island of Taiwan, reported Reuters on 13 September 2007. By Martin Buch Larsen, Freemuse Taiwan’s […]
  • China/Taiwan: Ban on Tibetan rapper promoted sales of his album

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Taiwan, Province of China:Ban on Tibetan rapper promoted sales of his album A religious group in Taiwan managed to get the goverment to ban the singer and rapper Singa Rinpoche from entering the country for one year. However, the ban only increased his popularity among the young Taiwanese audience ‘The singing monk’ – […]
  • China: Danish rock band requested to change lyrics

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Danish rock band requested to change lyrics In order to be allowed to perform in China, the Danish band Rock Hard Power Spray had to change the title of one of their songs With 80,000 tickets sold, the MIDI Modern Festival in Beijing is China’s largest music festival. It runs on 1-4 May […]
  • Taiwan: Restrictions on mainland Chinese musicians

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Taiwan:Restrictions on mainland Chinese musiciansTaiwan regularly restricts mainland Chinese musicians visiting the island, according to an article in China Post on 17 October 2006 Chinese singers are popular in Taiwan as they sing in the same language and in a musical style similar to that of Taiwanese artists. But Taiwan’s authorities worry that […]
  • China/Tibet: Teacher of traditional Tibetan dance imprisoned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Tibet, the A.R. of China: Teacher of traditional Tibetan dance imprisoned A Tibetan monk and teacher of the traditional monastic dance Cham has been sentenced to four years in prison after he gave talks about Tibetan culture and history, reports International Campaign for Tibet Gendun, who is in his thirties, had been a […]
  • China/Tibet: “singing nun” released

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Tibet, the A.R. of China: Last “singing nun” released from prison, exiled The release of 34-year-old Tibetan nun Phuntsog Nyidron into exile in the United States on 15 March 2006 marks the end of the imprisonment in Tibet for a group of women who became known as the “singing nuns” of Drapchi prison, […]
  • China: Concert by American rapper Jay-Z censored

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Authorities censor concert by American rapperThe Chinese government has canceled an upcoming concert by the American rapper Jay-Z. It was due to take place at Shanghai’s Hongkou Football Stadium this month According to a spokesperson for promoter KS Production Company, Sun Yun, China’s Cultural Ministry had taken the decision of canceling the rapper’s […]
  • China: The Rolling Stones accepts censorship

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:The Rolling Stones accepts censorship Veteran American rock star group The Rolling Stones will most likely follow the beat of China’s censors when they perform in China in April 2006 The Rolling Stones plan to make its debut in mainland China in an 8,000-seat stadium in Shanghai on April 8, 2006, as part […]
  • East Turkistan: Uyghur composer died in exile

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## East Turkistan / Xinjiang, China / Sweden:Uyghur composer died in exile From his exile in Sweden the Uyghur composer, musician and poet Kurash Sultan was like an ambassador to the Uyghurs – the indigenous people in East Turkistan in north-western China. He died 47 years old from a heart stroke on 29 October […]
  • China: Magazine featuring Cui Jian banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Magazine featuring Cui Jian banned Three weeks after the first copies of a Chinese version of Rolling Stone hit the newsstands and were torn off the shelves, press regulators said they would not allow it to publish a second issue Rolling Stone, the former icon of American counterculture journalism, is entering the global mainstream […]
  • Jeroen de Kloet

    JEROEN DE KLOET (The Netherlands) ##PagePublishedLong## Jeroen de Kloet has done extensive field research in Beijing about its local music cultures. He teaches at the department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. In this interview he speaks about the present situation concerning music censorship in China – as it appeared by the end […]
  • China: Imported music must be approved by ministry

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Imported music must be approved by ministry The Chinese Ministry of Culture has said it must approve all imported network music distributed in the country, the official Xinhua news service reported on 12 December 2006. ‘Network music’ means music which is played on, and downloaded from, the Internet or provided by mobile phone […]
  • China: Rolling Stones had five songs censored

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China / USA:American rock stars accepted Chinese censorship Chinese censors restricted the veteran rock star group the Rolling Stones from performing five songs when they made their debut in mainland China on 8 April 2006. Rolling Stones’ lead singer Mick Jagger stated at a press conference in Shanghai that in his opinion this […]
  • China: Popular music tv programme banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Popular music tv programme banned A programme called “Supergirl” on Hunan provincial television became a new phenomenon and made history among tv programmes in China. Now it has been banned by Chinese authorities Nothing this large and spontaneous had ever pushed its way unapproved into China’s mainstream media before. Everyone was talking about […]
  • China: authorities ban “unhealthy” and “reactionary” performances

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Stricter censorship on performances ‘Unhealthy performances are to be banned’, writes Xinhuanet, Chinaview.cn, on July 20, 2005Cultural and art authorities in China will strictly ban 10 kinds of “unhealthy” and “reactionary” performances so as to make the art performance market develop in a healthy and orderly way. The regulation also calls for […]
  • China: Ease of restrictions against mainland rock-father Cui Jian

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Ease of restrictions against Chinese mainland ‘rock-father’ Cui JianCui Jian’s September concert in Beijing marks the end of a decade of censorship against his angry rap-inflected rock. The Chinese government shows an increased awareness of the commercial value of modern music The 44-year-old singer and guitarist often referred to as “China’s Bob Dylan” or “China’s […]
  • Kurash Sultan

    KURASH SULTAN(China/Sweden.   21 July 1959 – 29 October 2006) ##PagePublishedLong## The Uighurs, an indigenous people in East Turkestan in north-western China, are struggling to keep their language and their culture. The Uighur composer, musician and poet Kurash Sultan, was imprisoned and tortured by the authorities in East Turkestand, and many of his songs were […]
  • Chen Shi-Zheng

  • China: Freemuse invites China to discuss music censorship

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Freemuse invites China to discuss Music censorship -We all know that human rights and freedom of expression is being violated in several countries in this region of the world, Freemuse board member Ole Reitov said in a speech in Beijing Monday. -Freemuse welcomes a dialogue with any regime and any religious interest group […]
  • China: Culture, Legislation and Censorship

  • China: “opium song” banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: “Opium song” bannedFaye Wong’s song In the Name of Love, which includes the lyrics “opium is warm and sweet”, will be removed from her upcoming album.Story from BBC Related reading
  • Chinese punk band denied visas

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Chinese punk band denied visasChina’s only all girl punk band Hang On the Box have been forced to pull out of a UK tour after the Chinese government deemed their music as “inappropriate” and denied the band visas to travel.Story from NME Related reading Listen to interview
  • Taiwan star silenced by China row

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Taiwan star silenced by China rowA Taiwanese pop singer has cancelled a concert in China after a protest accusing her of supporting independence for the island, Taiwan media reports. Chang Hui-mei, popularly known to her fans as A-mei, was due to perform in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. Story from BBC Read […]
  • China: Western religious music banned

    NEWS 23 October 2008 China:Western religious music banned According to the British newspaper the Telegraph, Western musicians and tour organisers have encountered difficulties with performances in China due to a tightened political control over the arts and Christianity.Article by: Kristina Funkeson, Freemuse The victims of the ban are orchestral and choral groups with pieces of […]
  • China/Cote d’Ivoire/Myanmar/Burma: ‘An Independent Mind’

    FILM 22 September 2008 Burma / China / Côte d’IvoireFilm with Freemuse Award winner Tiken Jah Fakoly, who received the Freemuse Award 2008, is one of the main characters in a new documentary film, ‘An Independent Mind’ — about freedom of speech and how far individuals in different countries will go in order to preserve […]
  • 3rd Freemuse World Conference – report

    FREEMUSE REPORT 20 August 2007 Marie Korpe (ed.)MUSIC WILL NOT BE SILENCED – 3rd Freemuse World Conference on Music & Censorship, Istanbul 25-26. November 2006Report no. 8Freemuse, Copenhagen, 2007ISSN: 1601-2127.   75 pages. Read the reportThe printed version of the report is unfortunately out of stock. MUSIC WILL NOT BE SILENCED INTRODUCTIONBy Ole Reitov Listening to many […]
  • Video interviews from the 3rd Freemuse World Conference

    | Start page | Media coverage | Speakers | Programme | Photos |  3rd FREEMUSE WORLD CONFERENCE ON MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP VIDEO INTERVIEWSfrom the conference in Istanbul, 25-26 November 2006 Fadal Dey – singer from Côte d’Ivoire Grup Yorum – music group from Turkey Jason Carter – British guitarist about Saudi Arabia Jeroen de Kloet – Dutch researcher about China Mario Masvidal – professor from […]
  • 3rd Freemuse World Conference on Music and Censorship

    | Media coverage | Speakers | Programme | Photos | Video interviews |   3rd FREEMUSE WORLD CONFERENCE ON MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP     25-26 November 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey Professional musicians, scholars, and composers from 22 countries met at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference. Over two intensive days, they documented how music censorship is being […]
  • Speakers of the 3rd Freemuse World Conference

    | Start page | Media coverage | Programme | Photos | Video interviews |  3rd FREEMUSE WORLD CONFERENCEON MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP SPEAKERS AND MODERATORS Andy Fuller (Australia)Andy Fuller was born in 1977 in Melbourne, Australia. He completed his Master of Arts in 2004 at University of Melbourne. His thesis studied the politically subversive literature of […]
  • Programme of the 3rd Freemuse World Conference

    | Start page | Media coverage | Speakers | Photos | Video interviews |   3rd Freemuse World Conference on Music and Censorship   CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Latest update on 16 November 2006  SATURDAY 25 NOV   10:00 – 10:30 — OPENING CEREMONY —   MUSICAL WELCOME Mahsa Vahdat & Marjan Vahdat, Singers, Iran   WELCOME […]
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