• Canada: Religious festival petitions to reverse ban

    More than 20,000 people have signed a petition urging the City of Toronto and its mayor to allow an annual open-air musical festival to continue in August 2016, after the city didn’t grant the festival a permit because it would contravene city policy against “proselytising.” The issue for the city is that the group sings […]
  • Canada: Controversy over concert cancellation sparks public debate

    The Toronto Symphony Orchestra has decided to cancel performances by the Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa over what it calls her “deeply offensive language” and “inciting hatred” on Twitter because of her comments on the conflict in Ukraine. This has created an intense public debate in the country’s media and social media about artsfreedom and self-censorship. […]
  • Canada: Viet Cong banned from playing because of their name

    The Canadian art rockers Viet Kong have had a show in Ohio cancelled because their name ‘deeply offends’ some people. Gig promoter Ivan Krasnov took to the Oberlin ‘Sco Facebook page to apologise for booking an act whose name “deeply offends and hurts Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American communities, both in Oberlin and beyond”. He extended his […]
  • Canada: Rock star blacklisted by radio station

    In Canada, the radio station Rock 97.9 in Fort McMurray will no longer play Canadian rock star Neil Young’s music after he made remarks about the oil-rich Alberta area while talking about the controversial Keystone X-L Pipeline project at a conference in Washington, USA. “The Indians up there and the native peoples are dying. The […]
  • Denmark: Activist campaigns against online sales of ‘murder music’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark: Activist campaigns against sales of ‘murder music’ Online music stores that sell so-called ‘murder music’ receive complaints from Danish gay rights activist. Founder of the radio station Pride Radio Denmark, Martin Adelskov, has complained to Freewebs.com and Indietitan.com after coming across the hate-filled content by unsigned artist Jomo Minott on their webservers, […]
  • Canada: ‘Gangsta rap’ seeked banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada:‘Gangsta rap’ seeked banned in music stores A Toronto activist has filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission against Canadian music store chain selling ‘gangsta rap’ that glorifies the mistreatment of women The Canadian activist Valerie Smith is represented by the lawyer Cynthia Watson of Watson Labour Lawyers – a cutting […]
  • Canada: Harlem rap artist Jim Jones’ music video blacklisted

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada: Harlem rap artist Jim Jones’ music video blacklisted A music video for the song ‘Baby Girl’ has not been added in rotation on Canada’s national music station At issue are t-shirts worn in the hip-hop video that state, “Stop Snitchin'” overtop a red shape resembling a stop sign. Canada’s national music station […]
  • Canada: Ban lifted on Dire Straits’ song ‘Money For Nothing’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada:Ban lifted on Dire Straits’ song ‘Money For Nothing’ ‘Money for Nothing’ was pronounced unfit for Canadian ears in January 2011 after a listener’s complaint about the word faggot in the lyrics. The ban on the song has now been lifted and Canadian radio stations can resume playing the song, reported BBC News […]
  • Canada: Old Dire Straits hit song deemed unacceptable for broadcast

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada:Old Dire Straits hit song deemed unacceptable for broadcast ‘Money for Nothing’, a song by the rock band Dire Straits, was pronounced unfit for Canadian ears after a lone woman in Newfoundland complained about the word faggot in the lyrics. 25 years after the song ‘Money for Nothing’ first took off on the […]
  • Canada: Silencing Jamaican musicians fuels censorship debate

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada:Silencing Jamaican musicians fuels censorship debate A Canadian coalition calls for a boycott of Jamaica and its music if the country’s government doesn’t take action on homophobic violence. The controversy over certain dancehall song lyrics has ignited a heated debate in Canada and Jamaica about censorship and freedom of expression. Songs by Jamaican […]
  • Canada: Jamaica-boycott called off

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada:Jamaica-boycott called off Stop Murder Music Canada, a group organising a boycott of Jamaica unless the country’s government takes action against homophobic violence, cancelled the action after receiving an official response from the Jamaican consul general in Canada. Stop Murder Music Canada tries to prevent the sales and performances of Jamaican musicians whose songs […]
  • Canada: Country rock band defies “unofficial ban” from radio

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada: Country band defies ‘unofficial ban’ from radio If a band is not getting mainstream acceptance, it is not necessarily because it has been banned or blacklisted. But the borderline can be hazy. Take the Canadian country rock band Dry County. They feel they’ve been ‘unofficially banned’ from the industry and recently wrote […]
  • Canada: Reggae shows cancelled after protests

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada: Reggae shows cancelled after protests Jamaican reggae stars Elephant Man and Sizzla have been forced to cancel two concerts in Toronto, Canada, after locals protested against their homophobic lyrics. Elephant Man (real name: O’Neil Bryan) was due to play at the mega-club Kool Haus in Toronto on 5 October 2007, but the […]
  • Canada: Public radio explores music censorship issues

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada:Extensive censorship theme on Canadian radio In a series of provocative documentaries, news features and interviews, the public service radio in Canada explores some of the issues around music and censorship this week. With the title ‘Censor This!’ CBC Radio One and CBC Radio Two unite stories from all over the world into […]
  • Canada: American rappers barred from Canada

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada: American rappers barred from Canada “Canada attempts to place US rappers in the same category as terrorists – literally,” says American rapper Jerome Almon, CEO of Murdercap Records. “If Canada is not stopped, every musician seeking to enter a country other than their own will face this problem,” he warns. By Freemuse […]
  • Canada: American rap artist 50 Cent to be banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada: American rap superstar 50 Cent to be banned 50 Cent is set to be banned from Canada – because he attracts too many guns, reports Headline News staff reporter Christina Ficara on November 30, 2005.  The “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” rapper has been shot nine times and the country’s Junior Foreign Minister Dan […]
  • Mixing Pop & Politics: Music Making Change

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mixing Pop & Politics: Music Making ChangeConference on 1+2 October 2004, Montreal, Canada This October, the Rights & Democracy Network is sponsoring the second annual Mixing Pop & Politics conference, which takes place alongside this year’s Pop Montreal music festival. Founded last year in response to the glaring lack of musical protest against the U.S. […]
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