• Brazil: The music Brazil doesn’t want you to be listening to

    Leading up to the World Cup in Brazil, with sounds of gunfire in the background, forbidden funk rappers continued to talk about what the government wants to hide: extreme violence, social segregation and racism in the favelas. By Debora Baldelli Girls dance at a baile funk party in the Rocinha, the largest favela in Rio de […]
  • Brazil: Ban on songs that encourage violence against women and gays

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Brazil: Ban on songs that encourage violence against women and gays The Brazilian state Bahia has approved a law banning the use of public funds to pay for events where songs that offend women and gays are played. The state legislature of the north-eastern state of Bahia approved the law on 27 March […]
  • Brazil: Mayor bans rap music

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Brazil: Mayor bans rap music During the carnival period anyone caught listening to Brazilian funk or rap in Sao Lourenco, situated in south-eastern Minas Gerais state, will have to turn it off or face arrest and up to six months in prison. Sao Lourenco’s mayor, Jose Neto, has banned carnival revellers from playing […]
  • Brazil: Drug barons ban music in their areas of Rio de Janeiro

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Brazil:Drug barons ban music in their areas Universal rights of freedom of expression, and freedom of movement, are seriously violated in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Hip-hop artists face bans, personal intimidation, harassment and in the worst case death if they don’t obey to the rules, restrictions and ‘code of conduct’ of the […]
  • 1960s

    LATIN AMERICA, CARRIBEAN ##PagePublishedLong## 1960 – 1969 1960s. Brazil. Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil and Caetano VelosoThe Brazilian military coup of 1964 ushered in 20 years of military rule and, with it, strict censorship of broadcast music – and especially of Musica Popular Brasileira. Numerous musicians during that period spent time in exile, including Chico Buarque, […]
  • 1700-1899

    LATIN AMERICA, CARRIBEAN ##PagePublishedLong## 1700 – 1899 1700s til today. Mexico. Son jarochoThe Catholic Church banned son jarocho – one of Mexico’s most politically charged musical genres – during the 18th century on the grounds it was immoral, and first the Spanish, then the Mexican authorities tried to isolate and suppress the genre. The most […]
  • 1970s

    LATIN AMERICA, CARRIBEAN 1970 – 1979 1970’s. Brazil. Os MutantesThe Brazilian tropicalia band Os Mutantes are censored and monitored by the Brazilian government for stirring up the country’s youth. (The band hasn’t performed together since 1973 but reunited at a show in London at the end of May 2006, and then toured in New York, […]
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