• Israel: Conference about ‘music on troubled soils’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Israel: Conference in October about ‘music on troubled soils’ Which role does music play for countries in conflict? Does music have a power to overcome physical or cultural barriers? Such questions will be investigated when musicians, politicians and experts from Europe, the United States and Africa gather in Jerusalem, Israel, on 23-26 October […]
  • Myanmar/Burma: Introduction to Burma’s dangerous hip-hop scene

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Burma / Myanmar:Burma’s dangerous hip-hop scene An animated video by Scott Bateman and Edith Mirante. SourceSalon.com – 22 May 2008:‘Bateman: Burma’s dangerous hip-hop scene’ Related reading on freemuse.org Read more:
  • Ethiopia: Teddy Afro’s trial takes a strange twist

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Ethiopia: Teddy Afro’s trial takes a strange twist The defence lawyer of reggae singer Teddy Afro and an editor-in-chief of a local newspaper which interviewed the lawyer were arrested in Addis Ababa on 4 August 2008. The lawyer was convicted to 50 days in prison on 6 August. By Tsigue Shiferaw – Freemuse’s […]
  • Book by Mark LeVine: ‘Heavy Metal Islam’

    BOOKS ##PagePublishedLong## Mark LeVine (USA): ‘Heavy Metal Islam – Rock, Resistance, and the Struggle for the Soul of Islam’304 pages. Published by Three Rivers Press on 8 July 2008. Language: EnglishAmerican author and historian Mark LeVine has published a book about the special role of Heavy Metal music in the Middle East and its relationship with […]
  • Yemen: 18 months in prison for ‘insulting the president’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Yemen:18 months in prison for ‘insulting the president’ The popular Yemeni singer and performer Fahd al-Qarni is said to have insulted the president and the ruling party, and for this he recieved a sentence of one year and a half in prison as well as a fine of 500.000 Yemeni Riyals (2,500 US […]
  • France: Rap musician under legal fire for ‘defamation’

    NEWS France:Rap musician under legal fire for ‘defamation’ For the last six years one of France’s leading underground rap groups, La Rumeur, has been locked in a legal battle against current French President Nicolas Sarkozy. On 3 June 2008, the fourth trial took place, pitting one of the band members, Hamé, against the Ministry of […]
  • Tanzania: Authorities raise concerns over performers’ style of dressing

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Tanzania: Authorities raise concerns over performers’ style of dressing The National Arts Council of Tanzania (BASATA) has threatened a ban to three dance and music bands – FM Academia, TOT Respect and Akudo Impact – for their stage shows’ alleged semi-nude clothing, reported Majira on 29 May 2008. The issue of clothing during […]
  • Saudi Arabia: Musicians’ freedom expanded

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## Saudi Arabia:Musicians’ freedom expanded There has been a quiet, yet marked increase in cultural activities in Saudi Arabia during the past couple of months. New music bands emerge, and the internet has become an important meeting place for underground musicians. “There is a revolution taking place,” stated the American tv news reporter Nic […]
  • Denmark: Activist campaigns against online sales of ‘murder music’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark: Activist campaigns against sales of ‘murder music’ Online music stores that sell so-called ‘murder music’ receive complaints from Danish gay rights activist. Founder of the radio station Pride Radio Denmark, Martin Adelskov, has complained to Freewebs.com and Indietitan.com after coming across the hate-filled content by unsigned artist Jomo Minott on their webservers, […]
  • Ethiopia: Three witnesses testify in musician’s trial

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Ethiopia: Three witnesses testify in musician’s trial Singer Teddy Afro, who was arrested by the authorities last month for a hit and run accident back in November 2006, appeared in court on 21 May 2008. This fifth hearing allowed the prosecution to introduce its key witnesses to the court. By Tsigue Shiferaw – […]
  • Zimbabwe: Censored musician launches internet ‘protest radio’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe:Censored musician launches online ‘protest radio’ Voto Radio Station invites all protest singers whose work is banned in Zimbabwe to use it as a platform where they can musically voice their concerns without fear of repression By Harriet Chigege, Viomak’s publicity officer UK-based Zimbabwean protest singer Viomak has found a way of evading […]
  • Bahrain: Parliament’s attempt to ban singer failed

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Bahrain:Parliament’s attempt to ban singer failed Bahrain’s Islamist parliament members wanted to ban the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe from performing in the country because of her sexy looks. They were not successful. Instead, their attempt gave the singer great publicity world-wide Singer and pop diva Haifa Wehbe (also spelled: Hayfa Wahbi) has so […]
  • Jamaica: Dancehall artist banned for his ‘gangsta lyrics’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Jamaica / St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Dancehall star banned for his ‘gangsta lyrics’ In January 2008, a performance by the Jamaican dancehall artist Mavado was banned by authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In April, a concert in Guyana was banned by the government. Police officials are concerned about Mavado’s lyrics […]
  • Cameroon: Imprisoned for singing ‘Constipated Constitution’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Cameroon:Imprisoned for singing ‘Constipated Constitution’ Two musicians have been arrested for criticizing constitutional amendments which allows the president unlimited terms of office, reported Media Foundation for West Africa Two renowned musicians, Lapiro de Mbanga and Joe La Conscience, have been arrested and detained by the authorities in Cameroon for singing songs in which […]
  • Tanzania – Zanzibar: ‘Give sex or be blacklisted’

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## Zanzibar, Tanzania:‘Give sex or be blacklisted’ Why do we see and hear little of women musicians in Zanzibar? Read Lingson Adam’s report from an island where radio-DJs are known to have ‘blacklisted’ female musicians who refused them sexual favours, and where parents and husbands are reported to be at the core of strong […]
  • World-wide: Calls for censorship of ‘indecent’ songs

    SUMMARY ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## World-wide:Calls for censorship of ‘indecent’ songs Indecency is prohibited by law in many societies around the world, but where to draw the line and when to actually ban a song because it is considered indecent, profane, immoral or offending against the recognised standards of propriety… this is an on-going debate which presently […]
  • Senegal: Cote d’Ivoirian reggae singer banned in Senegal

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Senegal: Côte d’Ivoirian reggae singer banned in Senegal Reggae singer Tiken Jah Fakoly from Côte d’Ivoire was declared ‘persona non grata’ in Senegal in December 2007, after critizing Senegal’s president and calling for democracy. The Senegales authorities described his declarations on President Abdoulaye Wade and his critique of the rising corruption and maladministration […]
  • Zimbabwe: ‘Travelling concert’ highlights repression

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe / South Africa:‘Travelling concert’ highlights repression in Zimbabwe A socalled ‘travelling concert’ event in Southern Africa gives stage to Zimbabwean artists who have suffered censorship of some of their work on state-controlled radio and television. Mbira star Chiwoniso Maraire was a key figure on the ‘Make Some Noise’ protest concert in South […]
  • United Kingdom: Brighton first city to outlaw ‘hate music’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## United Kingdom:Brighton first city to outlaw “hate music” The British seaside town Brighton has become the first place in the UK to ban music that “incites hatred towards minorites”. The new rule could stop some hip hop and reggae acts from putting on gigs in the city. Music which encourages violence towards minority […]
  • Zimbabwe: Profile of Thomas Mapfumo – ‘the Lion of Zimbabwe’

    MUSICAN PROFILE ##PagePublishedLong## Thomas Mapfumo – ‘the Lion of Zimbabwe’ “Chimurenga” means “struggle”, and as much as the chimurenga music, Thomas Mapfumo stands for struggle. It is the struggle of a nation in the southern part of the African continent to be free. Throughout years of struggle, Mapfumo has been an important revolutionary figure – […]
  • Music & Islam – what’s the big fuss?

    FREEMUSE THEME ##PagePublishedLong## Music & Islam – what’s the big fuss? In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Taliban continues to attack musicians and music shops, but what is the position on music in Islam? For several years Freemuse has stimulated research and documentation on issues of music and Islam. For instance: Battling over the public sphereTo […]
  • ‘Freemuse Ambassador’ plays Nobel Peace Prize concert

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## ‘Freemuse Ambassador’ plays Nobel Peace Prize concert in Norway Televised to 100 countries, ‘Freemuse Ambassador’ Salman Ahmad and his band Junoon will perform with artists from all over the world at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway, on Tuesday 11 December 2007. In just a few years the yearly Nobel Peace Prize […]
  • Nigeria: Banned song became duo’s break-through

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Nigeria:Banned song became duo’s break-through The debut song of the Nigerian duo Zule-Zoo was banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation when it came out in March 2006. Instead of silencing them, the ban actually helped promoting their new album, entitled ‘Banned In Nigeria’, which has become a nation-wide hit “It was a big […]
  • USA: Folk singer Joan Baez ‘disinvited’ by army officials

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA:Folk singer Joan Baez ‘disinvited’ by army officials American folk singer Joan Baez, who had performed at numerous anti-Vietnam-War demonstrations, was forbidden to participate in John Mellencamp’s concert at Walter Reed Hospital where he performed for wounded troops on 27 April 2007. Antiwar activist Joan Baez says she was ‘disinvited’ from the event […]
  • Zimbabwe: Protest singer Viomak challenges Mugabe’s regime

    MUSICIAN PROFILE ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe:Protest singer challenges Mugabe’s regime Exiled Zimbabwean singer Viomak challenges the Mugabe regime. By doing so she puts her life at risk, she says, and she sings under the pseudonum Viomak for fear of reprisals against her family in Zimbabwe. “Die for a reason that will live”, Viomak writes as an opening line on […]
  • Germany: Exhibition about East Europe’s censored rock music

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Germany:Exhibition about East Europe’s censored rock music On 7 October 2007 the KLIPZENSORED exhibition opened in Berlin. It presents music clips and music-based video art that for various reasons weren’t shown or played in the former European East Bloc countries such as East Germany and Hungary. Many of the presented works in the exhibition are […]
  • Iran: ‘Rap-e-Fars’ – Persian rap and the Iranian rap scene

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Iran:Persian rap still illegalIn May 2007, the web site World Music Central published an article about rappers in Iran. Amir Azizmohamadi describes the Persian rap, ‘Rap-e Fars’, as “underground, unofficial, and illegal”. However, the Persian rap scene is alive and kicking – vigorous and musically stunning. ‘Rap-e-Fars’ is very popular among Iranian teenagers. […]
  • Saudi Arabia: Never write ‘music’ or ‘violin’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Saudi Arabia:Never write ‘music’ or ‘violin’ Words such as ‘music’, ‘musician’, and ‘violin’ are considered offensive in Saudi Arabia, reports Arabnews.com In Saudia Arabia radio announcers are restricted from uttering words like “dance” or “party,” and according to Arabnews.com there is also a long list of particular words that are forbidden to mention […]
  • USA: Music tv channel bleeps the word ‘suicidal’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA: Music tv channel bleeps the word ‘suicidal’ American rapper Sean Kingston’s song ‘Beautiful Girl’ is about a girl so beautiful that he is afraid that their relation will never work: “You’ll have me suicidal, suicidal – When you say it’s over.” But on the MTV show ‘Total Request Live’, Sean Kingston’s summer […]
  • Musical responses to 9/11: List of allegedly ‘banned’ songs

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## Musical responses to September 11th: The list of allegedly ‘banned’ songs In the wake of the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, a list of 160 “lyrically inappropriate” songs was said to have been distributed to 1,200 radio stations in the US, and consequently bands such as Rage Against The Machine were allegedly banned from […]
  • USA: The US rock group Pearl Jam’s anti-Bush statement censored on webcast

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA:Rock group’s anti-Bush statement allegedly censored After Pearl Jam’s live show on 5 August 2007, the band was informed by fans that parts of the webcast of their concert had been left out by the main sponsor AT&T. There was an interruption of the webcast when the lead singer made a statement against […]
  • China: Moon Hee-jun’s song banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China:Moon Hee-jun’s song banned The song ‘Media’, which is included in Moon Hee-jun’s second album, was banned by all three major broadcast stations (KBS, MBC, and SBS) for attacking mass media. The lyrics and melody for ‘Media’ was written by Moon Hee-jun himself. In the song, he severely criticizes the faults of mass […]
  • USA: Documentary film about Dixie Chicks: ‘Shut up & Sing’

    FILMS ##PagePublishedLong## USA:‘Shut up & Sing’ – a documentary film about Dixie Chicks – awarded Numerous awards have been given to the documentary film about freedom of speech and censorship in the field of American country music “Shut up & Sing” documents the country trio The Dixie Chicks during the three years of medial and […]
  • Germany/Russia: Was Hitler listening to ‘forbidden’ music?

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Germany/Russia:Was Hitler listening to ‘forbidden’ music? The newspaper International Herald Tribune reports that a record collection possibly belonging to Adolf Hitler has been found in Russia. The nearly 100 records were stored in the attic of a former Soviet intelligence agent who recently died. The agent left a note behind him, saying that […]
  • Iran: About 230 people arrested during a ‘satanistic’ music event

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## Iran:About 230 people arrested during a ‘satanic’ music event The news agency Reuters reports that more than 200 people were arrested during a police raid on an underground rap and rock concert in Iran. The raid was a part of an annual summer crackdown on “immoral behavior”. In Iran, alcohol as well as […]
  • Sweden: Explicit lyrics cause heated debate about women’s sexuality

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Sweden: Explicit lyrics cause heated debate about women’s sexuality In Sweden a song by Frida Muranius has caused furore. After being banned on two regional public service radio stations, the song lyrics are debated in newspapers, radio, web forums and court yards in the country. Almost everyone has an opinion about Muranius’ sexually […]
  • Spain: Guernica celebrated Freemuse in ‘Festival Against Censorship’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Spain:Guernica celebrated Freemuse in ‘Festival Against Censorship’ A packed concert hall in Guernica greeted Ray Lema and his trio on 28 October 2007 as the African piano veteran concluded the second ‘Festival Against Censorship’. Dedicated to the work of Freemuse, the festival featured artists from Africa, Europe and USA and received supportive greetings […]
  • South Africa: ‘The Censored meet their Censor’

    SPEECHES ##PagePublishedLong## 1st FREEMUSE WORLD CONFERENCE ON MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP Copenhagen, 20-22 November 1998The text below is an excerpt from the conference report This page in printer-friendly PDF format South Africa:The Censored meet their Censor – Music and Censorship during Apartheid in South Africa Mr. Sipho Mabuse and Mr. Ray Phiri, musicians from South Africa, in […]
  • USA: Printing plant refused to print ‘satanic’ album cover

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA: Printing plant refused to print ‘satanic’ album The forthcoming album from British death metal band Akercocke, entitled ‘Antichrist’, has caused uproar amongst religious groups in Ireland and USA. The US printing plant where the CD booklet is being manufactured has refused to print ‘satanic’ material The album is currently set to be […]
  • ‘Shoot the Singer!’ launch in Italian language

    SHOOT THE SINGER! BOOK LAUNCH ##PagePublishedLong## Italy:Nobel prize winner introduces Freemuse book When ‘Shoot the Singer’ is published in Italian language on 12 May 2007, the book has a new introduction written by Nobel price laureate Dario Fo. Entitled ‘Sparate Sul Pianista! La Censura Musicale Oggi’, the Italian version is launched at the Torino International […]
  • North Korea: Jason Carter – ‘The Colour Of Silence’

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## North Korea:The Colour Of Silence Excerpts from Jason Carter’s diary, ‘The Colour Of Silence In The Axis Of Evil’ Jason Carter is a British guitarist who has travelled and toured in more than 70 countries. This is his personal account of his first performance in North Korea – as the second person from […]
  • Marcel Khalife’s video statement – مارسـيل خليفة يَتحدَّث

    MARCEL KHALIFE ##PagePublishedLong## مارسـيل خليفة يَتحدَّث عن مَجنون ليلى In this statement the Lebanese singer and composer Marcel Khalife speaks (in Arabic language) about why artists must engage in the defence of creativity. See translation below.   Wimpy Wasp Player Flash Player upgrade required www.marcelkhalife.com Duration: 4:32 minutes. The video was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, […]
  • Switzerland: Call for ban on ‘satanic’ Swiss Eurovision song

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Switzerland:Religious groups call for a ban on ‘satanic’ Eurovision song At first an evangelical group asked Swiss Television and DJ Bobo to withdraw or re-write the Swiss entry song to the Eurovision Song Contest because the lyrics may encourage suicidal tendencies or occult practices. Then one Christian political party handed in a 49,000-signature […]
  • Lebanon: Hip hop band’s censored album debut

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Lebanon:Hip hop band’s censored album debut The Beirut-based rap duo Ashekman has come up against censorship several times in its young career, reports The Daily Star, as they are about to publish their debut album with an Arabic parental advisory warning on the cover “They give voice to Lebanon’s disaffected youth through music,” […]
  • Senegal: Rappers’ quest for change

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Senegal: Rappers’ quest for change During the last seven years, there has been a frightening rise in the number of censorship attempts on musicians, outspoken activists and journalists in Senegal. In the 2007 elections in Senegal, music played a vital part of political campaigning, reports Freemuse’s West Africa correspondentBy Rose Skelton, Freemuse   […]
  • Indonesia: Ed Edy and Residivus face jail for singing ‘dog’ about police

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Indonesia: Two musicians face jail for singing ‘dog’ about police One song and the use of one word – ‘anjing’ – has left two musicians of the rock band Ed Edy and Residivus facing 18 months in prison. Canadian radio correspondent Michael McAuliffe travelled to the Indonesian island of Bali to meet the […]
  • United Kingdom: Avoid ‘harmful forms of music’ in state schools, says Muslim council

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## United Kingdom:Avoid ‘harmful forms of music’ in state schools, says Muslim council Muslim Council of Britain has published recommendations on how music lessons should be taught to Muslims in state schools in the United Kingdom. The guidelines are criticised by two Muslim organisations Should a Muslim pupil in a state school be allowed […]
  • USA: Dixie Chicks’ triumph over censorship: Five Grammys

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA:Dixie Chicks’ triumph over censorship: Five Grammys It was a victory over censorship, boycott and death threats when Dixie Chicks ‘swept’ the most prestigious honours in the global music calendar, the Grammy Awards The news went around the globe: A triumphant comeback for the country trio The Dixie Chicks three years after they caused […]
  • Belarus: ‘Hidden Truths’ report appendix – song lyrics

    FREEMUSE REPORT APPENDIX ##PagePublishedLong## ‘Hidden Truths’ song lyrics English translation of the lyrics of the seven songs which are published as an online appendix to Freemuse’s report on music censorship in Belarus 1. De Shifer:  ‘Chas Priyshov’    [Info]  [Lyrics] 2. Partyzanskaja Shkola:  ‘Nie!’    [Info]  [Lyrics] 3. Kasia Kamotskaya:  ‘Maja Kraina’    [Info]  [Lyrics] 4. Krama:  ‘Homielski Vals’    [Info]  [Lyrics] 5. Chyrvonym pa Belamu:  ‘Nie Zadaju’    [Info]  [Lyrics] 6. Neuro Dubel:  ‘Belarus […]
  • Belarus: ‘Hidden Truths’ report appendix – audio and video

    FREEMUSE REPORT APPENDIX ##PagePublishedLong## ‘Hidden Truths’ songs Listen to examples of banned and blacklisted music from Belarus. The bands and most of the songs are mentioned in Freemuse’s report on music censorship in Belarus. For information about the artists, click on [info] or see below on this page. 1. De Shifer:  ‘Chas Priyshov’    [Info]  [Lyrics] 2. Partyzanskaja Shkola: […]
  • United Kingdom: City council proposes ban on ‘murder music’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## United Kingdom:City council proposes ban on ‘murder music’ Brighton and Hove City Council may become the first in United Kingdom to place a ban on music which encourages violence towards minority groups, reports The Argus Proposals to outlaw so-called ‘murder music’ in venues, pubs and clubs are being considered as part of a […]
  • 3 March is ‘Music Freedom Day 2007’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Music Freedom DayMedia focus point on music censorship world-wide Saturday 3 March is ‘Music Freedom Day 2007’. On this day, and during the week leading up to it, magazines, radio stations and tv broadcasters world-wide will focus on music censorship It is not a campaign for free downloading of music – it is […]
  • Cote d’Ivoire

  • Colombia: ‘Prohibited ballads’ are popular

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Colombia:‘Prohibited ballads’ banned on air, popular live The accordion-laced, hard-driving songs about Colombia’s underworld are called ‘corridos prohibidos’ – prohibited ballads – because established radio networks ban them from the air. The Washington Post describes why they have become so popular “In a country with Marxist rebels, death squads, cocaine traffickers and all […]
  • Denmark: Religious reservations labeled as ‘censorship’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark:Religious reservations labeled as ‘censorship’ In the aftermath of the Muhammed cartoon crisis, the criteria for what is termed as ‘censorship’ is gradually changing. On 5 December 2006, two bare shoulders of a female Norwegian singer became ‘breaking news’ in Denmark with the headline: “Muslim censorship in music show” By Freemuse The headline […]
  • USA: Singer’s religious imagery censored

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA:Singer’s religious imagery censored Crucifixion scene in a performance by American superstar Madonna is censored from NBC’s airing of the concert on 22 November 2006. During a passage in Madonna’s ‘Confessions Concert’, she ascends a mirrored cross, dressed as Christ and wearing a crown of thorns, and then sings the song ‘Live to […]
  • Syria: ‘Silenced voices’

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## Syria: Silenced voices In Syria, music is a mirror which shows the soul of the listener. The hedonist youth of Damascus sees fuel for the fun of their parties, fundamentalists suspect moral corruption, the authocratic regime fears the output of subversive minds. And just a few young musicians perceive a magic language of […]
  • Iran: ‘Unveiled: Art and Censorship in Iran’

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## Iran:’Unveiled: Art and Censorship in Iran’ Excerpt from Chapter 8 in the report ’Unveiled: Art and Censorship in Iran’, published by Article 19 in September 2006. Chapter 8 is about music in Iran Shahkar Binesh-Pajouh is a lecturer with a doctorate in urban planning, who blends rap music with Persian classical poetry to […]
  • Canada: ‘Gangsta rap’ seeked banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada:‘Gangsta rap’ seeked banned in music stores A Toronto activist has filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission against Canadian music store chain selling ‘gangsta rap’ that glorifies the mistreatment of women The Canadian activist Valerie Smith is represented by the lawyer Cynthia Watson of Watson Labour Lawyers – a cutting […]
  • USA: Controversial reggae star’s show called off

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA:Controversial reggae star’s show called off A Los Angeles nightclub has canceled a performance by reggae star Buju Banton because of his lyrics against homosexuality E-mail complaints and concerned callers prompted Adam Manacker, the manager of the Highland Nightclub in Hollywood, USA, to research Banton’s past and cancel the singer’s show scheduled for […]
  • USA: ‘Fortress America’ denies access to musicians

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA:‘Fortress America’ denies access to musicians Cellist Yo-Yo Ma leads an impassioned campaign to ease the visa crisis for musicians visiting the ‘Land of the Free’, writes MondomixBy Daniel Brown Last month the world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma testified at the US House of Representatives at a hearing on visa challenges in the performing […]
  • Denmark: Teenager arrested for ‘death rap’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Denmark: Teenager arrested for ‘death rap’ A 17-year-old teenager was arrested for sending death threats in the form of a rap song to the Danish politician Naser Khader, reports the news agency Ritzau The boy composed and produced a rap song in which he threatened Naser Khader and his family, and then he e-mailed it to Khader […]
  • United Kingdom: Detained for humming ‘London Calling’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## United Kingdom:Detained for humming ‘London Calling’ Is The Clash’s classic punk song ‘London Calling’ a dangerous song? In England in April 2006, a taxi passenger was detained for simply singing along to it Mobile phone salesman Harraj Mann, 24, was detained for questioning by British anti-terrorism detectives after they received a phone call […]
  • Jamaica: School principal wants ‘negative songs’ banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Jamaica:School principal calls for ban on songs with “negative lyrics” The principal of the Mona High School in Kingston has called for the banning of songs with lyrical contents that have a negative impact on the youth, reports The Jamaica Observer In a speech made at the Jamaica Teachers’ Association’s conference on classroom […]
  • USA: America’s first museum dedicated to freedom of expression

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA:America’s first museum dedicated to freedom of expression opens in Chicago
  • Musician’s letter

    CAMPAIGN LETTER ##PagePublishedLong## Musician’s appeal to the Turkish government View original letter as PDF Prime Minister Racep Tayyip ErdoğanTC BasbaskanlikAnkaraTurkeyFax: +90 312 417 0476 Cemil CicekMinister of JusticeTC Adalet BakanligiAnkaraTurkeyFax: + 90 312 417 3954 Copenhagen, 06 December 2005 Your Excellencies, We, the undersigned artists, members of Freemuse, The World Forum on Music & Censorship, […]
  • Turkmenistan: Among world’s most repressive regimes, states RSF report

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Turkmenistan:Among the world’s most repressive regimes “Turkmenistan tops the list of the world’s most repressive regimes,” says a report by Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans fronti The report is entitled “The 2005 World Press Freedom Index”. It ranks 167 countries according to criteria that includes every kind of violation affecting journalists – such […]
  • Egypt: Ruby’s music videos banned on national tv

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Egypt: Ruby’s music videos banned by national tv Ruby’s music videos are banned by Egyptian tv for being too sexy, and she has been banned from holding concerts in Kuwait. According to studies by the London-based daily Al-Hayat, the Egyptian singer Ruby is considered to be more popular than any political or intellectual […]
  • China: Hong Kong pop star CoCo Lee’s new album banned

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China: Hong Kong pop star CoCo Lee’s new album banned When the singer known as “Asia’s Mariah Carey” launched her new album, it instantly attracted controversy with its sexy image and lyrics CoCo Lee’s second English album, ‘Exposed’, was officially released in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China on the 25th of March 2005, […]
  • Canada: Harlem rap artist Jim Jones’ music video blacklisted

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Canada: Harlem rap artist Jim Jones’ music video blacklisted A music video for the song ‘Baby Girl’ has not been added in rotation on Canada’s national music station At issue are t-shirts worn in the hip-hop video that state, “Stop Snitchin'” overtop a red shape resembling a stop sign. Canada’s national music station […]
  • Book on Gypsy music: ‘Princes Amongst Men’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Journeys with Gypsy Musicians New book on gypsy music by Garth Cartwright – the author of the Freemuse report on censorship and the gypsy musicians of Romania. ‘Princes Amongst Men: Journeys with Gypsy Musicians’ is the title of Garth Cartwrights new book which is receiving excellent reviews worldwide. Garth Cartwrights is a New […]
  • Freemuse nominated ‘best music web site’ at Webby Awards

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Freemuse nominated for best music category web site at the sixth annual Webby Awards The Webby Awards, the leading international honours for Web sites, yesterday nominated FREEMUSE for a Webby Award in the category of Best Music Web site of 2002. Hailed by The Wall Street Journal as a celebration of “sites that […]
  • USA: Bruce Springsteen’s new album banned by Starbucks

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA: Bruce Springsteen’s new album banned by Starbucks Because Bruce Springsteen describes an explicit encounter with a prostitute in his song ‘Reno’, the US coffee shop chain Starbucks has banned the sale of his new album, ‘Devils & Dust’. The coffee conglomerate Starbucks stocks CDs at its branches in the US, and plays […]
  • France: Jamaican reggae star’s concerts cancelled

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## France: Jamaican reggae star’s concerts cancelled Reggae singer Capleton’s allegedly homophobic lyrics has prompted protests by the gay rights group Coordination InterPride France, calling to ban his concerts. So far, six French music venues have axed scheduled performances in response, reports BBC World. Jamaican reggae star Capleton (real name: Clifton George) is a […]
  • Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings’ Policies on Censorship of Music

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings’ Policies on Censorship of Music A look at the various censorship policies of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings – which holds a monopoly on broadcasting in the country – and how these policies have affected the musicians in Zimbabwe By Musavengana Nyasha – former Radio Zimbabwe presenter Since Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings holds a monopoly on broadcasting in […]
  • La musique – un Droit de l’Homme

  • Qu’est-ce que c’est la censure musicale?

  • Pride and prejudice: ‘anti-gay’ stars refuse to apologise

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Pride and prejudice: ‘anti-gay’ stars refuse to apologiseTheir gigs have been cancelled all over the world and their names withdrawn from awards. But Jamaica’s dancehall stars refuse to apologise for – or even stop singing – songs that encourage the murder of gay people. The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis travels to the Caribbean and […]
  • Googoosh: Iran’s Daughter

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Googoosh: Iran’s DaughterThe film by Farhad Zamani tells the story of Googoosh – Iran’s pop diva, who is still banned from performing in her homeland. Googoosh was Iran’s most famous and beloved pop diva, until she was silenced following the 1979 Islamic revolution when female singers were labeled “temptresses” and forbidden to release records […]
  • City demands ‘anti-gay’ music ban

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## City demands ‘anti-gay’ music banBrighton will be the first UK city to demand that music retailers ban reggae and rap albums with “anti-gay” lyrics. Brighton and Hove City Council voted unanimously on Thursday to write to the managing directors of its three largest stores condemning the music. It urged them not to stock […]
  • No apology from ‘anti-gay’ singer

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## No apology from ‘anti-gay’ singerReggae star Sizzla has refused to apologise for his lyrics advocating violence against gay men, despite his UK tour being cancelled after protests. “They can’t ask me to apologise,” he told BBC radio station 1Xtra. “They’ve got to apologise to God because they break God’s law.” Sizzla is not […]
  • City seeks ‘anti-gay’ album ban

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## City seeks ‘anti-gay’ album banThe first city-wide boycott of reggae and rap albums with “anti-gay” lyrics is being considered in Brighton. Councillors want music retailers HMV, Virgin Megastore and MVC to stop selling albums with homophobic lyrics in its Brighton and Hove branches. While the council does not have the power to ban […]
  • Reggae stars ‘help to spread HIV’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Reggae stars ‘help to spread HIV’Reggae stars using homophobic lyrics are stoking the spread of HIV, a UK minister is warning in the Caribbean.International Development Minister Gareth Thomas fears that discrimination against homosexuals is deterring people from being tested for HIV. Mr Thomas will tell a conference in St Kitts there must be […]
  • Zimbabwe: Moyo under fire for using billions of taxpayers’ money to sponsor own band

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe: Moyo under fire for using billions of taxpayers’ money to sponsor own bandInformation Minister Jonathan Moyo has squandered at least Z$2-billion of public funds in recording and launching music group PaxAfro’s first CD, and in hosting music concerts aimed at sprucing up the Zimbabwean government’s battered image. Moyo told parliament recently that […]
  • ‘Kill Bush’ rappers rapped by US

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## ‘Kill Bush’ rappers rapped by USGatans Parlament – a Norwegian rap group that criticised US President George W Bush by setting up a website whose name means “Kill him now” is in trouble with US authorities.Washington’s embassy in Oslo has reported hip-hop artists Gatans Parlament to the police, accusing them of threatening the […]
  • ‘Anti-gay’ lyrics inquiry starts

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## ‘Anti-gay’ lyrics inquiry startsUK detectives are investigating claims that lyrics penned by eight leading reggae artists incite violence against homosexuals and are therefore illegal. Lyrics by Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Bounty Killer are among those being scrutinised by Scotland Yard.Meanwhile the government is considering banning reggae star Sizzla from the UK as […]
  • Mexico’s forbidden songs

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mexico’s forbidden songsCan a musical genre be considered so dangerous as to be banned from the radio? Yes, according to the authorities in some parts of Mexico who have forced radio stations to take action in an attempt to stamp out the culture of “narco corridos”, which they accuse of glamorising drug trafficking […]
  • The world’s all out of tune: Popular music after 9/11

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## 9/11 – The world’s all out of tunePopuläre Musik nach dem 11. September 2001 A new book on music post September 11 is published in October. Among the contributors are Freemuse Chairperson Martin Cloonan. Please note: The book is published in German. A Freemuse report on music censorship post 9/11 is scheduled for […]
  • USA: ‘Crash into me, baby!’

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## Crash into me, baby: America’s implicit music censorship since 11 Septemberby Eric Nuzum “Freedom has been attacked, but freedom will be defended.” These were the words of President George Bush shortly after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. Bush went on to say that the terrorists “cannot touch the foundation […]
  • Reggae stars dropped because of ‘homophobic’ lyrics

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Reggae stars dropped because of ‘homophobic’ lyricsA collection of articles and background information on the current debate, where Elephant Man and Vybz Kartel, the two controversial reggae acts accused of inciting violence against homosexuals, have been dropped from the Mobo (Music of Black Origin) Awards after refusing to provide their promised written apologies. […]
  • Albums with ‘objectionable material’ removed from Kansas libraries

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Albums with ‘objectionable material’ removed from Kansas librariesThe Kansas attorney general has withheld more than 1,600 compact discs from distribution to state libraries because officials determined the albums promote violence or illegal activity, records show.The albums removed by Attorney General Phill Kline’s office were part of 51,000 discs given to Kansas as part […]
  • Elton John attacks new ‘era of censorship’ in America

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Elton John attacks new ‘era of censorship’ in America“There’s an atmosphere of fear in America right now that is deadly. Everyone is too career-conscious. They’re all too scared.” British singer Elton John has attacked what he calls a McCarthy-like “era of censorship” in America. Entertainers who speak out against the Bush administration or […]
  • Singer ‘strips’ over censorship

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Singer ‘strips’ over censorshipAlanis Morissette wore a “nude suit” on stage at Canada’s equivalent of the Grammys to complain about censorship in the US.Morissette, who was hosting the Juno Awards in Edmonton on Sunday, wore the cartoon-style bodysuit in protest at TV and radio censorship in the US. Story from BBC Read more: […]
  • Khoshnawaz brothers keep Herat’s music alive

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Khoshnawaz brothers keep Herat’s music aliveThe Khoshnawaz brothers, Herat’s folk musicians who used to perform at weddings, have been exiled to Iran. Five generations of folk music in their family, the brothers only know their rubab, tabla and harmonium. They sing to survive.The independent Afghan culture magazine Lemar – Aftaab has interviewed the […]
  • Singing Kharabat’s praises

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Singing Kharabat’s praises Kabul’s musicians defy violent and abusive conservativesDespite harrasment and killings, the sound of music can be heard once again coming from the ruins of Kabul’s Kharabat Street, the cradle of traditional Afghan songs for centuries.Article from The Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) Related reading
  • Iraq’s artists strive for freedom

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Iraq’s artists strive for freedom Saddam Hussein manipulated artistic expression so completely that many musicians, writers and artists now wonder if they can ever again find their own voices. Story from New York Times Related reading and more on minorities
  • Nigeria: ‘Leash on Their Tongues’

  • “Don’t stop the music” Youth magazine special on music and censorship

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## “Don’t Stop the Music” On 22 October 2004 a special issue of ZAPP Magazine on censorship of music was published by Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (Danish Association for International Co-operation) and Freemuse. The magazine, published in English, was distributed to selected schools across the world, including Afghanistan, South Africa, Ghana, and Palestine.ZAPP Magazine is for young people in […]
  • China ‘orders Stones songs ban’

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## China ‘orders Stones songs ban’The Chinese Government has ordered the Rolling Stones to drop four of their best-known songs from their concerts in the country next month, according to a tour organiser.Story from BBC Related reading
  • French minister warns ‘hate’ rap bands over lyrics

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## French minister warns ‘hate’ rap bands over lyricsFrench minister warned “hate lyric” French rap groups they faced legal action if they performed in public material that was racist or anti-Semitic. The band Sniper has outraged deputies in the governing UMP party with “La France,” which taps the deep sense of alienation of disaffected […]
  • South Africa: Film documentary ‘Stopping the Music’

  • Korea: ‘The people united’

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## THE PEOPLE UNITED: MUSIC FOR NORTH KOREA’S ‘GREAT LEADER’ AND ‘DEAR LEADER’By Keith Howard, Senior Lecturer, SOAS, and Director, AHRB Research Centre for Cross-Cultural Music and Dance Performance, UK In North Korea the word “censorship” is a euphemism. The government simply controls all areas of musical life. Keith Howard’s paper examines this very […]
  • Belarus: Fear of ban of rock band’s album launch

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Belarus:Fear of ban of rock band’s album launch The popular Belarusian rock band Krama doubts if they will receive permission from authorities for the launch of their new album ‘Krama’, but the musicians are defiant to play. The concert is scheduled to take place on 30 May 2007 at the Night Star night […]
  • Pakistan: Manifestations of tolerance and acceptance of music, art and culture

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Pakistan:Manifestation of tolerance and acceptance of music, art and culture On Music Freedom Day 2013 at a local hotel in Peshawar, music lovers put their voices together to ensure the freedom of artistic and musical expressions. The participants boldly condemned militancy and extremism in all its forms. Also, at the Peshawar Press Club, […]
  • Pakistan: The undeclared ban on playing music lingers on

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Pakistan:The undeclared ban on playing music lingers on During the last decade, Pashto music has lost artists and singers of high repute. Some have preferred to seek political asylum in the foreign countries. Many are living a miserable life. Receiving threats from militants has become a routine matter. But have things improved lately? […]
  • Freemuse report: Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali

    FREEMUSE REPORT ##PagePublishedLong## ANDY MORGAN:‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’In relationship to Music Freedom Day 2013, Freemuse publishes a very extensive documentation of how music has been affected in Mali. The 64-pages report, ‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’, is written by Andy Morgan — one of UK’s most respected writers specialised in West Africa […]
  • Freemuse annual report: Violations of freedom of musical expression in 2012

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong##   Freemuse annual statistics: Violations of freedom of musical expression in 2012   Freemuse has compiled statistics presenting a glimpse of the situation for musicians worldwide in 2012. A total number of 173 cases of attacks on musicians and violations of their rights have been registered. The cases include 6 artists being killed, […]
  • Vietnam

  • France: Rap lyrics targeted

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## France:Rap lyrics targeted The French Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls wants to fight “aggressive” rap lyrics attacking the state, insulting the flag and women. This is the conclusion after a member of the senate had chosen to question him on the subject of what she called “absolutely unprecedented violence against France”. Manuel […]
  • India: Band in Kashmir decides to dissolve after threats

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## India: Band in Kashmir decides to dissolve after threats Pragaash Photo: Courtesy of News Bharati The band Pragaash from Kashmir has decided to dissolve after only one concert. The reason is a fatwa issued by an imam, as well as harassment and rape threats on social media. The members of Pragaash made a […]
  • Mexico: ‘Narcocorridos’ can be sung again in Sinaloa

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mexico: ‘Narcocorridos’ can be sung again in Sinaloa On 14 February 2013, The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) in Mexico found that Sinaloa’s governor, Mario Lopez Valdez, had exceeded his powers when he created a legislation which banned public performances of ‘narcocorridos’, drug ballads. The court reversed the decision of […]
  • Haiti: President accused of censoring three carnival bands

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Haiti: President accused of censoring three carnival bands Lead singers behind some of Haiti’s most controversial carnival tunes this year say they are being shut out of the annual three-day pre-Lenten carnival because the President considers their songs too critical of the government. The Haitian bands claim that Haiti’s charismatic president, Michel Martelly, […]
  • Tanzania: Banned musicians appear on Zanzibar music festival

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Tanzania: Banned musicians appear on Zanzibar festival This year, the Sauti za Busara festival, which begins today, focuses on freedom of musical expression. Tenth year in a row, the East African music festival again opens its stages for approximately 400 invited performers and an excited local as well as relatively large international audience. […]
  • Norge: Harstad er verdens første friby for musikere

    NYHEDER ##PagePublishedLong## Norge: Harstad er verdens f I dag, den 14. februar, pr Video of the seminar Here is a one hour video recording of the seminar in Norway: – about freedom of expression for musicians, and about the new ‘Safe City’ initiative SafeMuse Medied Listen to: Kulturnytt 2013-02-13 18:07 Sveriges Radio, Kulturnytt – 13 […]
  • Norway: First ever ‘safe haven city’ for musicians

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Norway: First ever safe haven city for musicians On Thursday 14 February 2013, the Norwegian Musicians’ Union presented their new project SafeMUSE – and the first ever ‘safe haven city’ within the field of music: Harstad. Imagine that the police would come to the door of the artist and musicians after the concert […]
  • EU: Freedom of speech debated on Creators Conference

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## EU: Freedom of speech debated on Creators Conference A conference on freedom of speech, technology and authors’ rights, organised under the High Patronage of the European Parliament, will take place on 20 February 2013 at the Theatre du Vaudeville in Brussels, Belgium. It is entitled ‘Creators Conference 2013’. The opening plenary session of […]
  • Norway: Norwegians mark Music Freedom Day with freedom of expression festival

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Norway: Norwegians mark Music Freedom Day with freedom of expression festival An international celebration of freedom of expression in art and culture, entitled ‘RED ZONE – FREE THE ARTS’, will be held in Norway from 28 February to 3 March 2013. The famous Middle Eastern artists Tania Saleh, Rim Banna, Mohamad Abla and […]
  • Laur

    ∙ COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE ##PagePublishedLong## Laur Le Freemuse Award est attribu Contactez Freemuse Marie Korpe, Directrice Ex Press release in English language(PDF-format, A4-size) Communique de presse en fran festival-au-desert.org Related reading on freemuse.org Related reading about previous Freemuse Awards
  • Freemuse Award 2013

    NYHEDER ##PagePublishedLong## Modtager af Malis verdensber Pressekontakter Marie Korpe, direkt Press release in English language(PDF-format, A4-size) Communique de presse en fran Mere information p Presseomtale PRI’s The World – 6 February 2013: Mali’s Festival in the Desert Wins a Freedom of Musical Expression Award Though canceled this year, the Festival in the Desert and its […]
  • Freemuse og Pussy Riot-medlem taler om ytringsfrihed

    PRESSEMEDDELELSE ##PagePublishedLong## Ole Reitov (Freemuse) og Alfons Karabuda (ECSA) skyper med Yekaterina Samutsevich Foto: Arvid Wam Solvang Opdateret: 22. february 2013 Freemuse og Pussy Riot-medlem taler om ytringsfrihed Ved en international konference i Bruxelles onsdag den 20. februar taler Ole Reitov, Freemuse, og det frigivne Pussy Riot-medlem Yekaterina Samutsevich om ytringsfrihed, teknologi og ophavsret. I […]
  • Kombo Kolombia

  • Iran: International artists support imprisoned Iranian musician

    CAMPAIGN NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Iran: International artists support imprisoned Iranian singer In a letter to the Iranian authorities, world renowned artists join Freemuse in a protest against the imprisonment of their Iranian colleague Arya Aramnejad.   The artists’ appeal letter [PDF] Singer Lapiro de Mbanga, who successfully ran a case against Cameroon in The United Nations […]
  • Arya Aramnejad

    ARYA ARAMNEJAD Arya Aramnejad is an Iranian singer from Babol in the northern part of Iran. He became famous for his song ‘Ali Barkhiz’ where he denounces the Islamic regime’s crimes during the 2009 Ashura protests. After this, he has been imprisoned several times.
  • Mexico: Several musicians brutally killed

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mexico:Several musicians brutally killed Several of the musicians from the Mexican group Kombo Kolombia who have been reported missing since 24 January, have been found dead. It is still uncertain how many band members that have been killed. Kombo Kolombia had been playing a gig in a private bar on Thursday 24 January […]
  • Film: Oscar nomination of ‘Sugar Man’ – the Freemuse connection

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## South Africa: Oscar nomination of ‘Sugar Man’ – the Freemuse connection The documentary film ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ – the amazing story of US singer Rodriguez, who was unaware that he was “world famous” in South Africa in the 1970s – has been nominated for an Oscar, the American award given annually for […]
  • Iran: Singer Arya Aramnejad once again in prison

    CAMPAIGN NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Iran: Singer Arya Aramnejad once again in prison Singer Arya Aramnejad has once again been imprisoned. In the end of December 2012, he was requested to present himself in a prison, and the artist is now serving a 91 days sentence. Freemuse has — once again — protested against the imprisonment of the […]
  • Mali: Music festival exiled to Burkina Faso

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Mali:Music festival exiled to Burkina Faso Radio report from a music catastrophe area: The al-Qaida-linked militants in northern Mali have banned music of any kind, even cellphone ringtones, and have also put an end to the ‘Festival in the Desert’, which had been held for the past decade near Timbuktu. The festival will […]
  • Uganda: Commission bans song for being critical of City Authority Director

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Uganda: Commission bans song for being critical of City Authority Director The Uganda Communication Commission denied Bobi Wine’s song ‘Tugambire ku Jennifier’ airplay in Ugandan radio and tv because the body received complaints from several people about that it is abusive. The Human Rights Network for Journalists called on the Uganda Communication Commission […]
  • Adam Fischer

  • Tenzin G

  • Sherine Amr

    SHERINE AMR Related reading
  • Outspoken

    OUTSPOKEN NEWS ##PagePublishedLong##
  • Terakaft

  • Cameroon/Russia: The artist vs. the state

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Video recordings from ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:The artist vs. the state In the session ‘THE ARTIST VS. THE STATE: THE CASE OF LAPIRO DE MBANGA AND THE CAMPAIGN FOR PUSSY RIOT’, Maran Turner and Alexander Cheparukhin give insight into two cases where artists have been speaking out and as a result […]
  • Zimbabwe: “They don’t have jurisdiction over your spirit”

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Video recordings from ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:“They don’t have jurisdiction over your spirit” In this interview Tongai Leslie Makawa, better known by his stage name Outspoken, talks about the conference, about meeting other artists and about trying to achieve “freedom with responsibility”: Outspoken gave an inspiring talk and performance in the conference […]
  • Egypt: “I’m the only woman in Egypt who screams”

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Video recordings from ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:“I’m the only woman in Egypt who screams” In the session ‘OVERCOMING: WOMEN; ART AND EGYPT’, filmmaker Petr Lom introduces a dialogue between musician Sherine Amr and writer, theatre director and actress Sondos Shabayek. Sherine Amr has described herself as “the only woman in Egypt who screams”. […]
  • Mali: The day the music stopped

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Video recordings from ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:The day the music stopped In the session ‘THE DAY THE MUSIC STOPPED: MALI’, journalist and Freemuse Vice Chair Daniel Brown talks to Manny Ansar who is Festival Director of the Desert Festival in Mali. Manny Ansar gives an insight into the difficulties faced by musicians in the […]
  • China/Tibet: “As long as we perform, Tibet is still alive”

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Video recordings from ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:“As long as we perform, Tibet is still alive” Tenzin Gönpo, a musician from Tibet, performed in the session ‘TIBET: ARTISTS IN EXILE’. In an interview, recorded during the conference, Tenzin Gönpo spoke about the situation for Tibetan artists: This is the conference session about Tibet, containing a performance by Tenzin […]
  • Hungary: Adam Fischer on artistic freedom and responsibility

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Video recordings from ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:Adam Fischer on artistic freedom and responsibility Adam Fischer was the speaker of the session ‘HUNGARY: ARTISTIC FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY IN THE AGE OF XENOPHOBIA’. He said: “I want to speak here about the responsibility of artists, towards the freedom of art, the freedom of speech. How […]
  • Kidjo: Fight against censorship by supporting artists who are silenced

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Angelique Kidjo:Fight against censorship by supporting artists who are silenced Under the headline ‘Songs of Freedom’, singer Angelique Kidjo writes about music censorship and the power of music in The International Herald Tribune’s special theme issue, ‘Global Agenda: Turning Points’ “The mix of melodies and words carries a message much more powerful than […]
  • Burma/Myanmar: Greetings from Win Maw

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Video recordings from ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:Greetings from Win Maw in Burma Opening the session ‘BURMA: BEAUTY UNDER PRESSURE’, moderator Frances Harrison introduced the Burmese musician Win Maw with these words: “Burma, a country that is on the brink of change. But just how fragile that change is, is under evidence […]
  • First world conference on artistic freedom of expression

    ACTIVITIES ##PagePublishedLong## ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:First world conference on artistic freedom of expression Video recordings of sessions and interviews with musicians who attended the conference in Oslo, Norway, on 25-26 October 2012 List of videos Visit the conference website:      
  • Freemuse h

    NYHEDER ##PagePublishedLong## Freemuse h P Seneste artikler p
  • Freemuse received a Danish Music Award 2012

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Freemuse received Danish ‘Grammy’ at Danish Music Awards 2012 At the venue Global in Copenhagen on 23 November 2012 Freemuse received a Danish Music Award in the category ‘Special Achievement’. Freemuse Executive Director Marie Korpe and Programme Manager Ole Reitov received the award which was presented by Marie Carelse, Chair of World Music […]
  • Colombia: Ten rappers murdered for criticizing the system

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Colombia: Ten rappers murdered for criticizing the system Ten rappers have been murdered in the last two years in the Colombian city Medellín. Their “crime”: that they volunteered to help getting young people away from paramilitary groups and drug gangs. 14 rappers have gone underground, and even more fear for their lives, reported the […]
  • Cameroon: Petition for musicians

    CAMPAIGNS ##PagePublishedLong## Cameroon:Petition for musicians At the request of the International Federation of Musicians, LabourStart has launched a new online campaign in defense of the hundreds of members of the Musicians Union of Cameroon who were savagely attacked by police as they peacefully marched. SYCAMU President, Roméo Dika, who is also Vice-President of the International […]
  • Debatarrangement i K

    NYHEDER ##PagePublishedLong## Debatarrangement i K Seneste artikler p
  • Cameroon: Musicians’ demonstration met with violence and arrests

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Cameroon:Musicians’ demonstration met with violence and arrests On 8 November 2012, a peaceful demonstration was organised in the capital Yaounde by Cameroonian musicians who wanted to protest against the way royalties to artists are being distributed in the country. The demonstration was allegedly violently repressed by more than 1,000 policemen, and the musicians […]
  • Norway: Deeyah awarded by Norwegian PEN

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Norway: Deeyah awarded by Norwegian PEN Norwegian-Pakistani singer, music producer, composer, film maker and human rights activist Deeyah is awarded this year’s Ossietzky prize by Norwegian PEN, the Norwegian chapter of PEN International. The Ossietzky prize is Norwegian PEN’s prize for outstanding achievements within the field of freedom of expression and is awarded […]
  • United Nations: Global study on the right to artistic freedom

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## United Nations: Global study on the right to artistic freedom The United Nations special rapporteur in the field of cultural rights has sent a questionnaire to all member states asking them to report on legislations and practices related to artistic freedom and censorship. Freemuse’s Programme Manager has been attached as a consultant for […]

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