• Zimbabwe: Complete control – Music and propaganda in Zimbabwe

  • Zimbabwe: Music central tool in election

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Music central tool in Zimbabwe election By Maxwell Sibanda for Freemuse AS campaigning for the 2005 Zimbabwean parliamentary elections intensified, music became central to the contest. The ruling Zanu PF released its music album on the campaign’s launch, the opposition Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) for the first time composed its own songs, […]
  • The Beginnings of Zimbabwean Protest Music

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## The Beginnings of Zimbabwean Protest MusicUseful background information on the history of music and protest in Zimbabwe, including BBC interviews with Zimbabwe’s top musicians on their active role in the current political turmoil, article from Centre for Political Song on political music in Zimbabwe, and excerpt from Alice Dadirai Kwaramba, Popular Music and […]
  • Zimbabwe: Singing The Walls Down

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe: Singing The Walls DownProtest music may be dead in the West, but it’s alive and well in Zimbabwe, where the oppressed and the impoverished find hope and strength in the songs of Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtukudzi.Extensive article with background information, interviews with Mapfumo, Mtukudzi, and with government officials. Article from Time […]
  • Zimbabwe election: Musicians boycotted

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe election: Musicians boycotted and shunned  Report in The Independent: Several prominent Zimbabwean singers find themselves caught in a dilemma If  – as a Zimbabwean musician – you allow the president of the country, Mr Mugabe, to use your music in his election campaign, you are likely to find yourself shunned by your fans, […]
  • Postscript to report on censorship in Zimbabwe

  • Freemuse report on music censorship in Zimbabwe

    FREEMUSE REPORT Banning EyrePlaying with Fire: Fear and Self-Censorship in Zimbabwean Music.Freemuse, Copenhagen, October 2001, ISSN 1601-2127Banning Eyre, one of the United States’ foremost journalists on African music, on the situation in Mugabe’s increasingly repressive Zimbabwe. Watch video from the official presentation of the report at WOMEX 2001, click Read abstract Read the reportRead postscript, […]
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