• Argentina and Uruguay: Miguel Angel Estrella

  • Argentina: Culture and the development of a lasting freedom

    SPEECHES Argentina:Can culture and art play a part in the development of a lasting freedom or not? Speech by Mr. Miguel Angel Estrella, at the 1st Freemuse World conference in 1998 Many artists and intellectuals throughout all times, believing that culture and art were a privileged way of transmitting aesthetic beauty, have asked themselves how […]
  • 1970s

    LATIN AMERICA, CARRIBEAN 1970 – 1979 1970’s. Brazil. Os MutantesThe Brazilian tropicalia band Os Mutantes are censored and monitored by the Brazilian government for stirring up the country’s youth. (The band hasn’t performed together since 1973 but reunited at a show in London at the end of May 2006, and then toured in New York, […]
  • Miguel Angel Estrella

    MIGUEL ANGEL ESTRELLAMusician (Argentina) “My torturers were in the habit of telling me: ‘We know that you are not a member of the guerrilla but you are worst, because with your piano, your ‘charisma’, you can put the “negrada” working class into your pocket. Over here, we are the Gods and we are wagging an […]
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