• Norway: World women gathering to explore freedom of expression

    On 30-31 January 2015, an unusual gathering of world women will unfold over two days of conversations and performances at Riksscenen in Oslo, Norway. The summit is organised by artist and activist Deeyah Khan. ‘World Woman’ is “a convening of courageous and creative women who are defenders of freedom of expression, campaigners for gender equality, […]
  • Finland/Sweden/Norway: The destruction of a minority’s music culture

    ARTICLE 21 April 2008 Sámi land:The destruction of a minority’s music culture As a comment to Freemuse’s interview with Sámi singer Marie Boine, ‘This music was from the devil’, the Finnish ethnomusicologist and musician Ilpo Saastamoinen shares his insight and personal experiences with the oppression and destruction of Sámi music culture.By Ilpo Saastamoinen In her […]
  • Norway: Video interview with Mari Boine

    MARI BOINE(Norway) 31 March 2008 Norwegian and Sámi singer Mari Boine speaks about her personal experiences with the religious ban of joik singing. The interview was recorded when Mari Boine participated in an event in Norway to mark the annual Music Freedom Day in March 2008.  Wimpy Wasp Player Mari Boine grew up in an […]
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