• Spain: Manu Chao cancels show over political flap

    NEWS   Manu Chao cancels shows over political flap Manu Chao refuses to exclude Basque band member with alleged ‘ETA roots’. The American music magazine Billboard writes: “World music star Manu Chao canceled concerts last night (Sept. 3) in Malaga, Spain, and tonight in Murcia after controversy over the inclusion in his band of a […]
  • Spain: Censorship of Basque musicians

  • Freemuse: Manu Chao supports Freemuse campaign

    FREEMUSE CAMPAIGN NEWS Freemuse: Manu Chao supports Freemuse campaign “Freedom of expression is important to anyone and we must fight for it. I am supporting the work of Freemuse and I’m here to help,” says singer Manu Chao in a comment to the current Freemuse campaigns for persecuted and imprisoned musicians and composers worldwide. Headlining […]
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