• Zimbabwe: Reflections of a banned musician – Leonard Zhakata

    Listen to Leonard Zhakata – one of Zimbabwe’s biggest pop stars – talk about how he felt when his music was kept off the air. See and listen on www.rnw.nl Excerpt of the article: “After his songs were banned from the airwaves, the singer tried to find other ways to bring his message across, like […]
  • Zimbabwe: Censorship does not silence music

    ARTICLE ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe: Censorship does not silence music Many songs of the Zimbabwean music star Leonard Zhakata have been blacklisted by the state broadcaster. This has not silenced him, though, as a spokesman for tolerance and peace. During the past months he has toured the country with his band, performing in rural and marginalised communities. […]
  • Zimbabwe: Musician asks: why do you ban my music?

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Zimbabwe:Musician asks: why do you ban my music? In an open letter in the Zimbabwean newspaper Harare Tribune in August 2008, musician Leonard Zhakata asks the country’s ruling party ZANU-PF: “Why do you ban my music from being played on ZBC tv and radio?” When Leonard Zhakata first heard that certain of his […]
  • Zimbabwe: Blacklisted – My Personal Experience

    ARTICLES ##PagePublishedLong## Blacklisted – My Personal Experience “The last five years have been my worst in as far as my artistic career is concerned,” states the Zimbabwean musician Leonard Zhakata in this personal account of how being blacklisted has affected him By Leonard Zhakata – Musician   I grew up in my rural village of […]
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