• Music Freedom Day 2008 video

    MUSIC FREEDOM DAY 2008 ##PagePublishedLong## See the Music Freedom Day concert at Oslo’s Nobel Peace Center:nrk.no/nett-tv What happened on Music Freedom Day in 2008? 3 March 2008 was observed as a global ‘Music Freedom Day’. Seminars and concerts were held in Norway, Afghanistan and Congo-Brazzaville. The concert in Oslo was broadcasted on national radio in […]
  • USA: Video interview with Kris Kristofferson

    KRIS KRISTOFFERSON(USA) 31 March 2008 Singer and songwriter Kris Kristofferson speaks about his personal experiences of music censorship.  Wimpy Wasp Player “Kris Kristofferson is not only one of America’s most celebrated and finest singer-songwriters. He is also among the most controversial. He keeps provoking and challenging the political establishment, and he has experienced both media […]
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