• Azerbaijan: Rapper’s family detained over music video

    Azerbaijani authorities detained rapper Jamal Ali’s mother, uncle and two cousins for four days after Ali released an online music video critical of the government, reported Eurasianet on 9 January 2017. The video for song ‘Heykal Baba’ (Monument Grandpa) was released on 31 December 2016 and was dedicated to two young activists who are serving […]
  • Azerbaijan: Report about artistic freedom of expression

    A new 33-page report by Art for Democracy details cases of violations of the right to artistic freedom of expression over the past three years in Azerbaijan. According to the report, ‘Creativity Under Pressure: Artistic Freedom of Expression in Azerbaijan’, the Azerbaijani authorities have used a range of tactics to silence critical artistic expression, including […]
  • Press release: Eurovision: A pretty face cannot hide the ugly reality

    PRESS RELEASE Eurovision Song Contest in AzerbaijanA pretty face cannot hide the ugly realities As Europe celebrates the annual Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan, several musicians from the country have gone into exile. In a video interview with Freemuse, Azer Cirttan talks about censorship, fear and Eurovision from his exile in Holland. He feels that […]
  • Azerbaijan: Rock musician flees to Germany over concerns for his safety

    NEWS 21 May 2012 Azerbaijan: Rock musician flees to Germany over concerns for his safety Rapper and guitarist Jamal Ali who was recently interviewed for a video by Humans Rights Watch fled his home country on Wednesday 16 May 2012, he told the British newspaper The Guardian via Skype from Berlin. Jamal Ali claims that […]
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