• Censorship in Nigeria: Musical free expression in the shadow of Fela

    Banning Eyre and Mark LeVine recently spent, between them, a month in Nigeria. LeVine as part of his ongoing research on music and history there, and Eyre, with LeVine’s assistance, to gather material for Hip Deep in Nigeria, a set of five radio programs for the Peabody Award-winning American public radio series Afropop Worldwide. Their […]
  • USA: Ai Weiwei exhibition features music by imprisoned musicians

    A new exhibition by the acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei opened on 27 September 2014 on Alcatraz near San Fransisco, USA. It features music by Tibetan singer Lolo and Pussy Riot, highlighting threads which connect artists around the planet who face harassment, pressure, persecution, prosecution and even death for expressing their opinion and their art. […]
  • Nigeria: ‘Leash on Their Tongues’

  • 1970s

    AFRICA     ##PagePublishedLong## 1970 – 19791971. South Africa. BeatlesThe South African government lifts its ban on the Beatles’ recordings. 1970s. Zaïre. Franco Luambo MakiadiIn Zaïre (later renamed D. R. Congo) one of the greats of Congolese/Zaïrean music, Franco Luambo Makiadi, the leader of OK Jazz, was jailed on a number of occasions and had several records […]
  • Femi Kuti

    FEMI KUTI(Nigeria) ##PagePublishedLong## Since the beginning of the 1990ies, Femi Kuti from Nigeria has been taking up the task of his father, Fela Kuti, to speak up against corruption, mismanagement and bad governance. In July 2005, he performed at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark where he gave this interview. Watch interview Criticism and censorship doesn’t […]
  • Damon Albarn: Music is destroyed by censorship

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Damon Albarn: ‘Music is destroyed by censorship’Three musicians took part in a press conference about music censorship during this year’s Roskilde Festival. The big business of the record industry exerts a covert censorship, which makes it incredibly difficult for musicians across the world to express themselves freely. That was the message from Damon […]
  • Freemuse report on censorship in Nigeria: “Which way Nigeria?”

    FREEMUSE REPORT Jean-Christophe Servant“Which way Nigeria?” Music under Threat: A Question of Money, Morality, Self-Censorship and the ShariaFreemuse, Copenhagen, April 2003 ISSN 1601-2127 Many Nigerian musicians battle for economic and professional survival, as the NTBB (Not To Be Broadcasted) code at national radio/TV, payola, and Islamic Sharia Laws affects the freedom of musical expression in […]
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