• USA: Bruce Springsteen’s new album banned by Starbucks

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## USA: Bruce Springsteen’s new album banned by Starbucks Because Bruce Springsteen describes an explicit encounter with a prostitute in his song ‘Reno’, the US coffee shop chain Starbucks has banned the sale of his new album, ‘Devils & Dust’. The coffee conglomerate Starbucks stocks CDs at its branches in the US, and plays […]
  • NYPD reportedly stiffs Springsteen

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## NYPD reportedly stiffs SpringsteenAfter Springsteen played a controversial song during the Oct. 1 opening night at Shea Stadium, a high-ranking NYPD police official ordered that there would be no post-concert police escort for the Boss after his next show.Story from CBS Related reading All Freemuse reports can be downloaded free of charge. You can […]
  • USA: Politician seeks musician Bruce Springsteen boycott

    NEWS ##PagePublishedLong## Politician Seeks Springsteen BoycottUpset with Bruce Springsteen’s effort to oust President Bush from the White House, the New York Conservative Party’s candidate for the U.S. Senate is launching a “Boycott the Boss” television commercial. (Story from AP) “He thinks making millions with a song-and-dance routine allows him to tell you how to vote,” […]
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