Germany: Syrian singer beaten after his performance in Berlin


The famous Syrian singer Hussein El Deek was severely beaten and abused during his recent visit to Berlin, the German capital, because of his pro-government stance.

He was attacked by Syrians in a restaurant. A group of Syrians had organised a campaign against his participation in a live concert, so they held a demonstration in front of the concert venue and described him as “Al Shabih”, which is a traditional Syrian term for the militia men working for Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria.

El Deek did not take notice of the demonstration and extended a greeting to al-Assad, before he started singing for his audience. A Syrian citizen who attended the concert felt provoked and upset about this. At the restaurant he beat Hussein El Deek severely and was joined by other people. The restaurant administration tried to resolve the problem, before German police arrived. The singer was not able to proceed with his performance.

Syrian people in exile are as torn by the war in their home country as the Syrian residents are themselves, and the war also affects singers and performers.

Photo above: Hussein El Deek

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