Maxwell Sibanda: Music censorship in Zimbabwe




Maxwell Sibanda is an arts journalist and a member of the executive committee of Freemuse.

In this interview he speaks about music censorship in Zimbabwe – and about how the government has promoted itself through music while excluding musical voices of the opposition, and about the impact of radio blacklisting. 

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Maxwell Sibanda took part in the session ‘Africa wants to be free’ at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, in November 2006.

Born in Zimbabwe in 1968, Maxwell Sibanda has worked as media manager at Roof Top Promotions, arts & entertainment editor at Daily News and as marketing officer at Gramma Records. He has been a guest writer for Pen Germany (2006), Internationales Haus der Zuflucht der Autoren Graz, Austria (2005), and Hamburger Stiftung, Hamburg (2004-05). Has published three books and since 2000 done research on music and politics in Zimbabwe.

The video interview was recorded by Mik Aidt assisted by Gaëlle Gauthier-Brown on 27 November 2006.

Signature music: Jason Carter recorded live at the conference. 

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