Bashar Shammout: Freemuse and the Middle East



Bashar Shammout (Palestine/Germany):  
Freemuse and the Middle East

In this three minutes video interview, Bashar Shammout – who is a member of Freemuse’s executive committee – speaks about three important issues concerning music censorship in the Middle East: religion, politics, and the Israeli-Palestinean conflict. He also touches on how Freemuse works in the region.

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About Bashar Shammout
Bashar Shammout holds a Masters Degree in sound recording and engineering. Currently he works as a sound engineer and producer with Bertelsmann in Germany. He is part-time technical supervisor of the Media Center of the Birzeit University in Palestine.

The video interview was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Mik Aidt on 10 March 2007.

See introduction videoSee introduction video about Freemuse with Bashar and three other Freemuse executive committee members

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