Pakistan: Bus drivers threatened not to play music




Bus drivers threatened not to play music

An organisation called Mujahideen Bajaur has warned public transport drivers in Bajaur to stop the “un-Islamic act” of playing music in buses, reported The Dawn – Pakistan’s most widely circulated English language newspaper

According to Mujahideen Bajaur, playing music in buses is an un-Islamic act which should be stopped. It’s leaflets written in Pushto have been distributed in in many parts of the Bajaur agency, asking drivers of public transport to follow the order or “face the consequences”.

Bajaur agency is a hilly area located on the Pakistan-Afghan border, one of the regions which unconfirmed rumours say is a possible hiding place of Osama bin Laden.

Mujahideen Bajaur can be translated to something like “Holy Warriors of Bajaur”, since “mujahideen” means “the warriors who carry out Jihad”.

Officials are quoted in The Dawn as saying that the political authorities have started investigation into the matter.

Previously, similar pamphlets have been distributed in Bajaur region, asking barbers to stop shaving and trimming beards in their shops, as both were “un-Islamic”, reported The Dawn on 25 February 2007.


The Dawn – 25 February 2007:
‘Mujahideen’ ban music on buses

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