Denmark: Focus on arguments against religious music prohibition



Focus on arguments against religious music prohibition

Two national tv stations and several newspapers interviewed
the Pakistani rock musician Salman Ahmad about his
viewpoints on music prohibition in Islam

Salman Ahmad was visiting the Danish capital Copenhagen to present the documentary film, ‘The Rock Star and the Mullahs’.
After screening the film, Salman Ahmad answered questions from the audience of approximately 130 persons who had found their way to the Copenhagen cinema Grand Theatre.

Wimpy Wasp Video Preview

Salman Ahmad’s presentation took place on a late Saturday evening, 10 February 2007. He spoke not only about music and Islam, but also about how religion is used for political purposes, and about Pakistan’s future

The video report was recorded and edited by Mik Aidt. It contains three clips from the film ‘The Rock Star and the Mullahs’ which is produced by October Films (Angus MacQueen / Ruhi Hamid) and Wide Angle (Stephen Segaller). 

Left: Salman Ahmad on TV2 News: “Music is a very strong force”

Right: The audience in the cinema Grand on Saturday evening, 10 February 2007

Listen to audio track in mp3 format

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with Salman Ahmad about music prohibition among Islamists, and about music censorship in Pakistan.

John Lennon’s ‘Give Peace a Chance’ featuring Voices of Asia
Music video on where Salman Ahamd sings a snippet of Bulleh Shah’s ‘Masjid Dha Dey’ for John Lennon’s anthem for peace:
    You may destroy the mosque

    tear down the temple
    break all that can be broken

    but never break anyone’s heart
    because that is the true house of God

Articles in Danish language

Article in the Danish magazine Djembe, February 2007:
‘Music is not a curse’

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Editorial in Djembe no 59, February 2007:
‘Smokescreen of the respect’



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Continued debate (in Danish language) about the subject, the film and about the evening event on

‘Kommentar til: Debat Med Salman Ahmad’

Berlingske Tidende – 27 February 2007:

‘En musikalsk opr

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