Logos and banners for web

Logos and banners for web



Technical tip
To copy the banner or logo, first click on one of the links to the right of the logo. Each one links to a different sized logo. Right-click on it and choose either “Copy” or “Save Picture As…”.
On a Mac, instead of right-clicking, press the CTRL-key while you click on the banner. 
Remember to make the banner clickable by creating an image hyperlink from the banner or logo to http://freemuse.org



590 pixel width in 72 dpi, JPG – with transparent corners

775 pixel width in 72 dpi, PNG – high resolution






Web banners



90 x 90 pixel – animated

513 x 100 pixel
462 x 90 pixel
300 x 60 pixel

200 x 200 pixel – animated


Download logo for t-shirt

Right-click on link and select ‘Save Target As’ to start downloading the file

Adobe Illustrator-file

Adobe Illustrator-file





Embedded html-code

If you don’t feel like downloading the image and uploading it to the server of your website, you can simply copy the html-code of the image (which you get by right-clicking on the image and choosing the menu ‘Properties’), and then paste it into the html source of your webpage. For instance:





Logos, banners and photos in high resolution for print

If you are writing an article about Freemuse for a print magazine or newspaper, then go to the Press Room page to download graphic material in high resolution from there:
logos, banners and photos in high resolution




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