Morocco: Heated discussions as El Haqed trial continues

The trial against Moroccan rapper El Haked was once again postponed after a court meeting in Casablanca on Tuesday 17 June 2014. The next and seventh hearing will be on Tuesday 24 June 2014.

El Haqed

The sixth hearing on 17 June took several hours and lasted till late in the evening. Once again, the exchanges were very tense between all the parties – the judge, the defence and plaintiff lawyers.

According to observers at the trial the lawyer of the two police officers who accused Mouad of violence against them, talked for more than an hour and tried to provoke El Haqed during the trial.

El Haqed’s lawyer, Mr Messoudi, protested strongly and denounced such behavior in the court. He demanded El Haqed’s release and stressed his complete innocence. One of the lawyers of the defence team accused the police of counterfeiting the police report which is considered as an obvious irregularity in the judicial procedure.

Eventually, the trial was postponed to Tuesday 24 June 2014. Mr Messoudi again asked for El Haqed’s provisional release in the meantime, and te court rejected this one more time. Thus, El Haqed is still pursued in state of custody.

After the hearing Maria Karim, who is a Moroccan artist, El Haqed’s friend and the founder of the support campaign of the rapper said:

“Mouad* is well. He is in high spirits and he will keep the fight.”

* El Haqed is Mouad Belghouate’s artist name.

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