Taiwan: Restrictions on mainland Chinese musicians



Restrictions on mainland Chinese musicians

Taiwan regularly restricts mainland Chinese musicians visiting the island, according to an article in China Post on 17 October 2006

Chinese singers are popular in Taiwan as they sing in the same language and in a musical style similar to that of Taiwanese artists. But Taiwan’s authorities worry that excessive cross-strait cultural exchanges may lead Taiwanese youth to over-identify with China, going against the ruling party’s agenda to promote Taiwan as a separate political entity.
According to Mou Jianmin, a Beijing-based cultural exchange service operator, this is the explanation on why Taiwan regularly restricts mainland Chinese musicians and celebrities visiting the self-ruled island.

An article in China Post, Taiwan’s leading English-language newspaper, reports that the Chinese singer Li Yuchun was banned from performing publicly or talking to the local media when she visited Taiwan in February 2006.
Li Yuchun is a 21-year-old singer who rocketed to fame when she won the Chinese tv contest “Super Girl”. She received 3.5 million votes and appeared on the cover of Time Asia magazine as one of Asia’s heroes.
“I am usually quite quiet,” the singer commented about the ban in an interview with the foreign media, which was allowed, during her visit to Taiwan.

According to the article, the music industry in Taiwan complains that paid performances by visiting artists from China are rarely approved by Taiwanese authorities and that performers’ applications just to visit Taiwan get tangled in red-tape, sometimes for months.


China Post – 17 October 2006:
‘China singers stir up fears in Taiwan’

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