Azerbaijan: Foreign music banned in Nakhijevan

The Nakhijevan TV and Radio Broadcasting Committee has banned broadcasting of all foreign music on Nakhijevan radio channels, the Azerbaijani news portal reported.


“The ban includes genres such as rock and rap, regardless if they have been produced within Azerbaijan and are sung in the Azerbaijani language. It includes Turkish songs as well,” writes the portal.

The leader of the Nakhijevan Autonomy, Vasif Talibov, who has been listed among the world’s “Predators of Press” by the organisation Reporters without Borders, is known for a number of extravagant bans.

In November 2013 he banned giving foreign names to trade centers in Nakhijevan. 

In August the same year, he ordered to all Internet cafés closed, and the list of bans continues.

The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is a landlocked exclave of the Republic of Azerbaijan. International human rights activists have called Nakhijevan the “black island of Azerbaijan”, noting that the autonomy has become a “human rights violations’ laboratory” for the Azerbaijani authorities. Allegedly, repression, torture and pressure methods used against civil society activists and dissidents are first being tested in Nakhijevan, before they are applied to the country as a whole.

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