Because musicians ‘face the music’

In the coming week, the world will see various expressions of tribute to freedom of musical expression.
In the days around 3 March – the annual Music Freedom Day – concerts and seminars are held at five continents in support of persecuted, prosecuted and imprisoned musicians.


Below is a list of what currently is being planned and scheduled. If you have a concert or an event scheduled, and you would like to join the advocacy campaign, it is not too late. Read more on this page on


Activities are being planned in Jalalabad.

On Monday 3 March 2014 an event will be organised at the Bamenda French Alliance Center in Yaounde.

Sudanese exiled musicians are planning a Music Freedom Day concert in central Cairo.

Bakelit Multi Art Center in Budapest plans to organise their fourth Music Freedom Day this year.

In Italy, Music Freedom Day will be marked in Bologna, organised by a range of partners with Hibrido Radio and Réda Zine in front.

The event starts on Saturday 1 March with a workshop at 3:30pm at Centro Katia Bertasi in Bologna. In the evening, starting from 9:30pm, the programme features poetry reading and music concerts with a number of artists, among them Moroccan fusion rocker Réda Zine who leads his band Voodoo Sound Club. The following day at 3:30pm in the afternoon Part II of the workshop continues.


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Music Freedom Day Concert in Oslo featuring Dina El Wedidi & Mazaher

A unique encounter between youth and traditional in Egyptian woman singing at a time when conservative forces put women’s performing arts under pressure.

dina-osloDina El Wedidi: Vocal and percussion
Women from Mazaher: Vocal and percussion
Mohamed Adel: Guitar
Mohamad Ra’fat: Drums
Wael Elsayed: Accordion and percussion
Mohamed Abdo Seka: Bass guitar

The concert is organised by Kulturkirken Jakob in cooperation with Oslo World Music Festival.



» Tickets: and at the door.
Nkr 150.00 plus fee.

The concert is scheduled to begin at 8pm in Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo.

Cultural Journalists Forum Peshawar plans to celebrate Music Freedom Day 2014 in Peshawar.

Institute for Preservation of Arts and Culture in Islamabad is organising its second Music Freedom Day concert on 3 March 2014. They are inviting folk and classical artist from different part of the country, a majority of whom were being attacked and harassed. The impressive line-up of artists currently look like this: Khumariyaan, Taimoor Khan, Zain Ullah Ustad, Sachu Khan, Amir Gul Ustad, Akbar Ali, Alan Faqir (Jr), Akber Khameso Khan, and Maqsood Ali.
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A collaborative Magamba / Pamberi Trust event is planned for 1 March 2014 in Harare with some great acts lined up. Initiated by Farai Monro.

In New York, an ‘Impossible Music Session’ is being planned in Brooklyn. The Impossible Music Sessions were launched on Music Freedom Day in 2010 and feature the music of an artist who cannot be there.
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Radio and newspapers


On 8ccc Community Radio in Alice Springs, Veronika Eclipse’s weekly radio show ‘V for World’ is dedicated to Music Freedom Day on Monday 3 March at 7-9pm local time.
The show covers music from around the world, and on this occasion Veronika will be playing songs from countries which are most affected by attacks, control, hate, discrimination and censorship.
“Music won’t be silenced!” writes Veronika who would like to get more people involved and hopes to create a discussion.  
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Jungeltelegrafen on NRK will produce a special theme edition of the radio show, which runs both Saturday the 1st and Monday the 3rd of March. Among other content it will include a session and an interview with Loten Namling from Tibet. In addition, the reports into these matters will be offered to NRK’s new daily music show ‘Spillerom’, which is the ‘flagship’ of the music department at NRK P2. Journalist Arne Berg will also be delivering reports to the new Norwegian channel P13.
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Journalist Sher Alam Shinwari will contribute with an article on the plight of singers and artists in KP and Fata regions – the stronghold of militant groups. He will talk to singers and artists, and will also be asking the provincial culture department on their take on the issue after a hand-grenade attack in a cinema on 2 Febraury 2014 killed six and injured 40 persons.

Disco 3000 will join on Radio B92 on 2 March from 23.00 to 24.00. The main topic of the hour will be the crisis and the music in Sudan. Host: Bojan Đorđević.

The Catalan radio journalist Albert Reguant for the seven consecutive years collaborates in the Music Freedom Day. This year from the new radio programme ‘Les Rutes Del So’ (‘The Routes of the Sound’), broadcasted on radio FM and the Internet.

“I hope that this day has a large global impact, and that musicians can feel more protected,” Albert Reguant said.
“For this special program we have a selection of musical artists who have been censored or have their works, who have been exiled, or who are, or have been, victims of the silence of the media in their respective countries.”

Among these artists possible to emphasize the Ukrainian singer ROSAWA, Palestinian singer AMAL MURKUS, singer of Xinjiang/China MAMER, Syrian singer GHARIB, Mali tuareg group TAMIKREST, Tibetan singer SONAME, Catalan-Valencian songwriter RAIMON or the American folk singer PETE SEEGER. These last, died in the last January.

Albert Reguant is an internationally recognised music journalist, member of the World Music Charts Europe and other international organisations.

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A part of ‘This Land – Your Land? Songs for political action’ on 9 March 2014 on the Internet radio will be dedicated to Music Freedom Day 2014.

IFEX are planning to feature a story on Music Freedom Day 3 March 3 2014 looking back at the some of the musicians who have covered in IFEX over the year in tribute to the day.