Pakistan: Renewed ban on audio cassettes



Renewed ban on all “un-Islamic” audio cassettes

Local Taliban and religious leaders in North Waziristan on 11 June 2006 issued public notices that they will punish people listening to “un-Islamic” music, a Daily Times’ staff member reports from Miranshah

According to the Daily Times, the religious leaders warned people of “serious repercussions” if they do not shun “un-Islamic activities” like watching movies and listening to music.
The announcement comes a day after the military bombed a militant hideout, killing up to 20 militants. The Taliban warned tribesmen to ban all “un-Islamic” video and audio cassettes, ban dish antennas in houses and bazaars, and close all gambling dens.

“Any person committing these atrocities from Monday [12 June 2006] will be punished accordingly if spared by the government,” said the announcement.
Sources said that most local tribesmen supported the announcement, believing its implementation would bring peace to the troubled tribal agency.


Daily Times, Pakistan – 12 June 2006:
‘Taliban ban ‘un-Islamic’ activities’

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