USA: Record label accused of boycotting song



Record label accused of boycotting song

Master P – American rapper who has sold more than 75 million records – believes that executives of Sony BMG are placing phone calls to radio stations across USA, demanding that his son’s single not get played and negotiating “no-play deals”

An ongoing battle and a war of words between the young rappers Lil’ Romeo and Bow Wow could escalate into a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Sony BMG. In May 2006, Lil’ Romeo’s father, Master P, real name Percy Miller, told he plans to file a US$ 500 million suit against Sony BMG – Bow Wow’s label – for allegedly calling US radio stations, telling them not to play his son’s rap song, ‘U Can’t Shine Like Me’, and negotiating “no-play deals”.
The song is a response to Bow Wow’s ‘Fresh Azimiz,’ which contains lyrics considered offensive by the Millers, said. ‘Fresh Azimiz’ contains a line about Bow Wow being only 18 and “makin’ more than yo’ dad.”The song ‘U Can`t Shine Like Me’ was serviced to radio in February 2006, and since the video debuted two weeks ago it has been streamed more than 700,000 times on Yahoo! Music, whereas only three American radio stations have added the song to regular rotation, according to monitoring charts: KKBT and WQUE in New Orleans, and WEMX in Baton Rogue.
Bow Wow is signed to Columbia Records, which falls under the Sony BMG umbrella, as well as the Sony Urban label. Representatives for Sony BMG were not available for comment, said.

Source: – 5 May 2006:
‘Master P Claims Sony Exec’s Blocking Lil’ Romeo, Filing $500 Million Lawsuit’

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