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Keeping tight control over every sphere of social life is the general policy of the Belarusian authorities. This is true not only about politics, economy or media; arts and culture face censorship as well. Zmitser Yanenka reports from Belarus.

Belarus Free Theatre

Belarus Free Theatre

Zmitser Yanenka’s article contains a section about music, one about film and one about threatre.
The music section, entitled “To “black lists” and back” is based on an interview with Aleh Khamenka, a frontman of a famous Belarusian folk-rock band Palac, about the reputed ‘black lists’ of banned musicians and about a new Presidential Decree, signed in June 2013, suggesting an organiser of any concert must receive a special permission in a local Department of Ideology.

“Why are the authorities so afraid of independent artists? The answer is quite simple: Art is dangerous for the authoritarian regime, because it turns obedient population into real citizens.”
Yury Khashchavatski

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Index on Censorship – 31 October 2013:
Belarus: Cultural censorship as state policy

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