Germany: Concert called off due to threats from right-wing radicals



Concert called off due to threats from right-wing radicals

An anti-Nazi concert planned for March 8 in the former eastern German border town of Halberstadt was cancelled at the last minute after the right-wing National Democratic Party applied pressure to local authorities.

The National Democratic Party threatened to buy up all the tickets and turn out in large numbers at the concert if local authorities refused to call off a benefit concert which left-wing singer-songwriter and political activist Konstantin Wecker had planned to perform in Halberstadt. The concert was part of Wecker’s “Nazis Get Out of Town!” tour, a nonprofit series of concerts which the 59-year-old musician has organized across eastern Germany in response to the recent upswing in neo-Nazi violence there.
Fearing a major conflict with neo-Nazis descending upon Halberstadt, deputy county commissioner Hans-Dieter Sturm decided to cancel the performance.


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Deutche Welle – 9 March 2006:
‘German Music Concert Cancelled Under Pressure from Right’

Reuters – 9 March 2006:
‘German Neo-Nazis quash left-wing musician’s show’

Articles in German language:

Tagesschau – 8 March 2006: 
‘NPD verhindert Wecker-Konzert’

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The net-magazine “Laut” – 9 March 2006:
‘Konstantin Wecker: NPD verhindert Antifa-Konzert’

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung – 15 March 2006:
‘Minister st

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