Tunisia/Egypt: Najla too sexy for Egyptian tv



Tunisia / Egypt:
Najla banned on Egyptian tv channel

The Egyptian music channel Mazzika will not air Tunisian singer and dancer Najla’s new music video because it is considered pornographic

Najla is trying eagerly to return to the scenes, yet decisions to ban her music surround her. This is the third time the singer’s music video has been banned, reports Al Bawaba.

Recently, Najla published her fourth music video for the album “Baghlat Fi Ismak” (I Mixed Up Your Name). At first, the music channel Mazzika felt they had to delete a number of scenes of Najla doing a strip tease, taking off her pants, in order to make it appropriate for the average viewer, but even after the deletion the video was still considered too provocative and “pornographic”, and the tv station took it off air.

Egypt has also banned Najla, refusing her entry into the country. She has made several attempts to return, but has not changed her provocative style. The Egyptian Musician Association announced that its campaign against pornographic music videos, such as the ones by Najla, is serious and it intends on forming a committee that will be responsible for trying to convince different music channels to stop airing them. The association claims such music videos are an insult to Arab music.


AlBawaba.com – 21 February 2006:

‘Najla takes off her pants’

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