Denmark / Morocco: Danish DJ boycotted in Morocco



Denmark / Morocco:
Danish DJ boycotted in Morocco

Moroccan night club has cancelled engagement of the Danish house-DJ Rune RK for “political reasons”

The hit song ‘Calabria’ is created by Rune RK from Denmark, presently gaining popularity in many countries, including Morocco. But because Danish goods are being boycotted in Muslim countries due to a controversy over Muhammed cartoons printed in a Danish newspaper, a Morroccan night club has now cancelled its contract worth 3,200 US dollars with Rune RK referring to the political circumstances, and because it could not guarantee for his safety.

Rune RK says to the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende that his is irritated over the boycot because it is going to influence his otherwise good relationship with the Arabic world in the future.

Rune RK was awarded “Upfront DJ of the Year” at the Danish Dance Awards 2002.

Rune RK


Berlingske Tidende – 6 February 2006 (in Danish):
‘Dansk dj boykottet’

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