Denmark: CD-album recalled due to fear of misinterpretation



New CD-album recalled due to fear of misinterpretation

Launch of new Danish album has been cancelled because the cover shows Jomi Massage in burka-like outfit in the colours of the Danish flag

By Freemuse

Postponing the release of Jomi Massage’s new album “may feel and be interpreted as self-censorship but it is also a decision not to let one’s art be pulled down to an undifferentiated level. It is to take the present situation seriously”, says Jomi Massage.

Jomi Massage is an alias for the Danish singer Signe H


DR P2 – 6 February 2006 (in Danish):
‘Jomi Massage-album udskudt’

Music of the self-censored album can be heard on:

Selection of articles in the Danish press (in Danish):

‘En rystende stemme – Et majest

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