Tanzania: Authorities raise concerns over performers’ style of dressing



Authorities raise concerns over performers’ style of dressing

The National Arts Council of Tanzania (BASATA) has threatened a ban to three dance and music bands – FM Academia, TOT Respect and Akudo Impact – for their stage shows’ alleged semi-nude clothing, reported Majira on 29 May 2008.

The issue of clothing during musical performances has been raising hot debates in Tanzania recently whereby a number of people have reacted critically against it, while others, including some musicians feel that they were free to cloth in any way they feel will suit their shows.

In an official letter to the directors of the three bands dated 27 May 2008 BASATA expressed the council’s distaste of the bands’ recent trends where female stage shows perform with their bodies half naked.

The letter was signed by F. Magoti on behalf of the acting executive secretary of BASATA. It further pointed that the trend was “against national ethical standards” and that it was “degrading females’ image in general.”

“With respect to this letter, BASATA ardently warns you to instruct your female dancers so as they decently cloth themselves and in no way appear half naked before the public,” reads part of the letter, adding “The Council will take stern measures which include banning your Bands, upon continual of such conduct.”

Newspapers and television
F. Magoti called upon the bands to bear in mind that their live shows were not necessarily confined to musical halls but that they reach the general public which includes children through media outlets such as newspapers and television.

“Believing that your shows aim at proving your musical mastery to your fans, hence it is our hope that this issue of half nakedness will never ever feature in and among your musicians,” reads another part of the letter. It was sent with copies to the permanent secretary for the Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports, director for Cultural Affairs and respective district cultural officers of Temeke, Ilala and Kinondoni where the three bands reside.


Majira – 29 May 2008:

‘BASATA yatishia kuzifungia Akudo, TOT, FM Academia’

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