Salman Ahmad

Musician (Pakistan)




Salman Ahmad was a member of the Pakistani rock band Junoon, until he moved to the US. In this video interview he tells about his experience of meeting with clerics in Pakistan and discussing with them whether it is true that music is prohibited according to Islam.


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This is an excerpt from an interview with Salman Ahmad which was conducted by Freemuse’s Kristina Funkeson in connection with the Freemuse conference on freedom of musical expression held in Beirut in October 2005.

Click to see Salman's presentation in CopenhagenSee also:  Salman Ahmad visits Denmark: Focus on arguments against religious music prohibition

In another excerpt Salman Ahmad tells about the videos he has produced, and about how and why Junoon was banned and received death threats in Pakistan in the late 1990s. This excerpt (below) is available in a short and a longer version:


1. Music censorship in Pakistan
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